American Premium Water Corp. Announces Q4 Guidance and Update on Hydrogen CBD Release

LALPINA Hydrogen CBD on track for June release.

American Premium Water Corporation (OTC Pink: HIPH), after a review of its financials, wishes to inform prospective investors and shareholders that it is projecting Q4 2017 revenue to be 600% higher compared to the same quarter in 2016.

The release of LALPINA Hydrogen CBD is still expected by end of June or sooner, and HIPH intends to follow the same plan of launch as it did with LALPINA Hydrogen with distribution in General Nutrition Center (GNC).

Ryan Fishoff, CEO American Premium Water Corporation commented:

“I am happy to report to our shareholders that the release of LALPINA Hydrogen CBD is still on track and even happier to report revenue guidance ate in the form of a 600 – 700% increase in sales for Q4 2017 over the same period for the previous year primarily due to the Gents acquisition. We will be releasing year-end results in a couple of weeks, and we will have further updates on the progress of the release of LALPINA Hydrogen CBD as well.”

HIPH is the front-runner in the hydrogen infused CBD market with its LALPINA Hydrogen CBD product. It’s the first product of its kind to market, and the Company will be the first to launch, with 100% market share at release. Combining CBD into hydrogen infused water is a new delivery system for CBD, as with many other CBD products, upwards of 90% of the CBD nutrients are lost in the digestive process.


LALPINA HYDROGEN CBD utilizes hydrogen as a delivery mechanism which allows the CBD nutrients to immediately penetrate into the cells, bypassing the bloodstream, which yields a greater absorption rate of CBD, creating a more immediate effect. LALPINA Hydrogen CBD will utilize Cannabinoid oil extracted from hemp plants, making it legal to sell in all 50 states.


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