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    How AI Is Disrupting The Agriculture Industry And Shaking Things Up

    How AI Is Disrupting The Agriculture Industry And Shaking Things Up

    Artificial intelligence is playing a critical role in transforming the horticulture industry. But can AI replace the human element when it comes to cultivation?

    While technology like smart controllers and fertigation systems are already essential to controlled environment agriculture (CEA) growing, artificial intelligence promises to take things even further.

    The surveillance of plants using advanced multispectral imaging helps identify issues with plants that the naked eye cannot see, and microdata from the plant, environment, and soil helps cultivators pay attention to aspects of plant health that they might otherwise ignore among the 1,000 variables that can affect indoor grow rooms. I’ve included more details below.

    The advancements of multispectral imaging and microdata hold big changes in the horticulture industry. Agnetix, one of the leaders in data-driven horticulture tech, takes this a step further by using this imaging to collect data for other growing tools, including lighting.

    • Multispectral imaging
      • Using sensors that capture the reflectance of five spectral bands – blue, green, red, red edge and infrared – images can identify plant stressors like mold, mites, and other infections before the plant reaches a state where it cannot be salvaged
      • This imaging and data can help to improve plant size and predict harvest potential
    • Microdata from the plant, environment, and soil:
      • Gives new insight on negative factors like pests and powdery mildew that might affect plant health
      • Monitors environmental factors like humidity, temperature, airflow, and CO2

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    How AI Is Disrupting…

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