Data Experts Say 9/09/2020 Is When Retail Traffic Will Return To Normal

    We’re all wondering, when will things start to feel “normal” again?

    Now imagine running a business that relies heavily on in-store foot traffic to hit sales goals and projects, and think about how anxious they are to have that question answered!

    While retail traffic across the country has increased 6% from May to June, it’s still down roughly 58% compared to this time last year. So when will we finally bounce back to those high shopping levels we saw in 2019? The data experts from Zenreach, the walk-through company, predict it will be September 9, 2020.

    I’m sure you’re wondering: how exactly did they come up with that? In short, it was 100% data-driven, utilizing a forecasted percentage of normalization.

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      Data Experts Say 9/0…

      by Lisa Khiev Time to read this article: 2 min