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    From Brooklyn To Staten Island

    From Brooklyn To Staten Island

    Ever since I live in New York, and after a heart break, I developed a new routine. When I would get more depressed, which is something that New York makes easy to feel, I would get on the Staten Island ferry with my camera and feel its peace.

    This year, I live in Brooklyn, and after a very bad week last October, I decided to take a 2 hour walk to the ferry. I found myself floating for a trip of one hour total on the water, under the beautiful rays of golden hour and a lot of New Yorkers that just wanted to get home after work.

    For me, those moments in which I get to be a stranger, alone with my camera, and focusing all my attention on others who won’t really notice me; are the moments of peace in my mind, where I can just focus on following my instincts and capture everything that I find evoking, stopping for a few hours to think about my concerns. – Isabel Padilla Soto

    Photographer: Isabel Padilla Soto | IG: @_isabelpadilla_

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    • Javi Alonso
      June 13, 2020

      she’s an incredible artist! thank you for this piece!

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