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    Idiot-Proof Guide To Strict Vegan Diet

    Idiot-Proof Guide To Strict Vegan Diet

    Veganism is a way of living in which a person abstains from the use of animal products and by-products.

    In fact, vegans are against the use of animals as commodities. They reject all kinds of cruelty to animals, as well as their exploitation, for any purpose (e.g., food and clothing). Granted, a vegan diet is the strictest form of vegetarianism. However, there are numerous ways to optimize this experience and make it as fulfilling as possible. Accordingly, we’ve curated a list of guidelines to give you some insight into veganism. Read on!

    Pre-workout routine

    If you are an avid gym-goer, you are probably wondering how to combine your new vegan diet with your work-out routine. This is when vegan protein powder comes into play. For instance, if you live in Australia, you shouldn’t worry about finding a good vegan protein powder that would fulfill your needs as a gym-goer. Complement your healthy diet with this protein powder and make it part of your pre-workout routine, as it gives you the energy you need to go through your workout!

    Plant-based diet

    Now a simple hack is to eat anything that grows. This might be hard at first, but it takes away the whole overthinking process of whether a certain type of food is good or bad for your health or whether it contains excessive fats or not. Make sure that your diet is balanced. You shouldn’t eat, for example, only lettuce and cucumber.

    Create a list

    Learn to cook at least 5 easy vegan meals. Trial and error is your friend in this tip since you need to try a lot of meals to see what you like and what you don’t. Additionally, having some meals that you can make on the go will ease the process and help you bigtime. You can make pasta or some tofu scramble, which is close to scrambled eggs in taste without being scrambled eggs! Pick what you like the most and experiment with it!

    Stock your fridge

    It might be hard sticking to being a vegan if you are surrounded all day long by non-vegan food and since you most probably are, you should be prepared at all times. Make sure you stock your fridge and pantry with a lot of vegan snacks and ingredients for an easy and delicious meal; this will help you fight the urge to give up.

    Meal prepping

    If you lead a busy life, meal prepping will save you. Whether you are a student or an employee who works all day, planning ahead will make your transition easy and will force you to eat healthy, since the last thing you want is an unpalatable meal that is thrown away.


    A vegan diet is low in some nutrients. This is why supplements come into play. Nevertheless, most of the new vegans forget about supplements and how essential they are. Supplements give you all the nutrients that you need to supplement with while on a vegan diet. Supplements include Vitamin B-12, which is a perfect example of what your body needs and can’t get from greens.

    Know you are why

    Knowing why you are becoming a vegan will help you stick to this new way of living, especially when you are feeling down or you just want to grab a burger. Whether you’re against the exploitation of animals or you strive for a healthier lifestyle, understanding the thought process and the logic behind your decision will make your life easier and you will, surely, be self-motivated!

    Finally, the road to veganism is sometimes covered with lumps and bumps. This is why we’ve curated the above-mentioned guidelines to help you stick to this life-changing decision and make your life easier.

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