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    3 Foods That Help Your Immunity

    3 Foods That Help Your Immunity

    We have all been focused on immunity in our world in the past year, due to the coronavirus and its devastating effect on our communities.

    All of a sudden, our health and hygiene habits were called into question, making many people change their ways and begin eating more healthily. Although there is no one size fits all when it comes to health – it depends on the individual person and their needs – there are certain foods that are universally known to be great for the human body.

    In this article, we will explore 3 foods that help your immune system, along with ideas on how you can incorporate these into your varied, balanced diet! Let’s get started!


    Carrots are a fantastic vegetable because they are cheap, accessible, versatile and above all, healthy. Carrots contain Vitamin C, which is scientifically proven to boost your immune system and improve your skin too! In addition, carrots contain potassium, which is vital for maintaining the right blood pressure in your body.

    Carrots are easy to incorporate into lots of different types of meals, in all seasons. In the summer, a delicious carrot salad or carrot sticks with creamy hummus can serve as a lovely light lunch. In the wintertime, cooking carrots in stews or pasta sauces is an easy way to get your Vitamin C levels up.

    Citrus Fruits

    Citrus fruits are packed full of Vitamin C, making them the ideal food for improving your immunity. Vitamin C deficiency can make you more vulnerable to infections and viruses, so it’s more important than ever that you keep your levels up. Citrus fruits include:

    • Lemons
    • Limes
    • Oranges
    • Grapefruits
    • Tangerines
    • Blood orange
    • Kumquat

    And many more! Found locally in most supermarkets around the world, you shouldn’t have a problem picking up most of these citrus fruits. These beautifully colorful fruits can be mixed into fruit salads, juiced for a morning drink, layered into cakes and tarts, or eaten as part of a balanced breakfast. Delicious and nutritious – the perfect combination.


    You might be surprised to see that yogurt is on this list of foods that help your immunity. Nevertheless, yogurt belongs on this list because of the bacteria found in natural yogurt that improves your gut health and therefore your immunity as a whole.

    Your gut is full of good bacteria, and one of the strains of this bacteria is called lactobacillus. This is found in natural yogurt, and can help your gut fight infections or viruses that make their way into your stomach. Yogurt is easy to eat with many dishes, both sweet and savory. For desserts or breakfasts, you could pair it with walnuts, honey, and berries; for savory dishes, pair yogurt with sesame and lime for a Middle Eastern twist!

    Final Thoughts

    Eating a balanced diet and packing in all the nutrients required for a healthy immune system can be tricky. By using this guide to help you find foods that boost immunity and incorporate them into recipes, you will be on your way to being healthier in 2021!

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