Kitchen Organization Hacks Everyone Should Know

    Any real estate agent can tell you that two rooms of a house will be key in any sale: the bathroom and the kitchen. This is because they are used frequently on a daily basis.

    Anyone who has a family will know how hard it is to keep a kitchen clean and tidy. There may be regular foot traffic, and endless demands made by people with hungry stomachs. 

    When someone seeks to be more organized in their kitchen, they will have lots of things to consider, ranging from accessibility to space maximization.  On top of that, the room needs to be easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. This article has been written to provide helpful tips for anyone who is in this situation. 

    Knife organizers

    It’s far from ideal when people regularly reach their hands into drawers to take out a kitchen knife. When space is limited, other options frequently have to be sought. Anyone who searches the internet for a knife organizer will want something that is easy to clean and that has a non-slip base. They will want it to be elegant, and to hold different types of knives. 

    Before such people buy a product for their worktop, they will often look online for pictures, and read customer reviews.

    Sort out your Tupperware

    When plastic containers are randomly stored in a cabinet they will take up too much space. Most peoples’ experience is that the lids and pots fall out as soon as the door opens! It’s therefore advisable to stack the pots and lids properly, both now and in the future. Alternatively keep the tubs stored with their lids already on, to save hassle later.

    As with many cooking items, they don’t have to be stored in the kitchen if there isn’t enough room. Find a place in a nearby alcove or utility room if you have one. 

    Organize your fridge/freezer’s content

    Always store the items sensibly. If you have small plastic stacking baskets they could be useful, especially when different food categories are kept together. 

    If a list is kept on the computer, it will be easy to say what food is stored where, and what the ‘use by’ dates are. This will make it easier to do the shopping and to find things. It should also help you avoid throwing away out of date items. 

    Cook extra meals

    Instead of cooking chili con carne for four, why not make more and freeze the extra? It won’t take much longer to cook, and it could be defrosted at a later date. By adding microwave rice this could be an almost instant meal for a busy person. 

    This helpful idea can also apply to such things as stews, soups, lasagna, or curries. 

    Keep the countertop clear

    There’s no need to keep sandwich toasters or slow cookers on the countertop all the time; they will simply clutter up the kitchen. If there is space in a wall cabinet, put the coffee grinder in there, out of sight. 

    It may seem like a bind to keep some of these occasional items in a separate room. Having said that, the kitchen will be tidier and easier to clean. The worst thing the extra journey will do is to help keep you fit!

    Have a kitchen island installed

    For some, this will be too expensive or impractical. For others, however, it can serve many functions. Kitchen islands often include extra storage space. People can also keep stools under them. 

    Imagine being able to keep an eye on your child as they do their homework, while you do the cooking. They can ask you questions and you can enjoy their company too. 

    Use a coffee trolley

    Why not remove all the tea and coffee stuff from the kitchen and shift it here? Such trolleys often feature shelves and drawers that can contain spare supplies and biscuits. 

    The trolley can then become a moveable feast. In the morning it can be used in the kitchen for providing that vital caffeine buzz. When people socialize, they can simply wheel it into the lounge area. 

    Maximize the wall space

    In order to free up the worktop areas, some people store their pans or cooking utensils on the wall. Alternatively, they may put up a spice rack or sack dispenser. Bookshelves can also be valuable for holding cookbooks and other kitchen equipment. 

    As we can see, there are options for people with all budgets. They can help our kitchens feel less cramped and more functional, and the whole family can enjoy the difference. 

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