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    Five Artists That Have Adorable Pets

    Five Artists That Have Adorable Pets

    These artists double as both musicians and animal lovers.

    When it comes to celebrities we often forget that they are people just like us, who have pets just like us. Thinking about an artist might evoke thoughts about their latest album, their best song, or your favorite music video, but seldom do we think about if they are a pet owner. Well, with National Love Your Pet Day passing by, it is only right for us to highlight artists who are also celebrating this holiday. Check out these amazing artists and their furry friends!

    Here are five artists who spend their free time being pet parents:

    1. Megan Thee Stallion

    Rapper, singer, and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion is the mom of a beautiful french bulldog, 4oe. Not only is Megan a celebrity, but so is 4oe. Megan loves her dog so much, she even created an Instagram account for him, which has 581k followers. The account features multiple cute photos of 4oe and even some high-quality artist images that were made of him. Check out the account if you want your heart to explode after witnessing how cute he is.

    2. Ed Sheeran

    English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has been a cat lover and cat dad for numerous years. Making headlines because of his love for his feline friends, it is clear that their relationship might be one of the cutest things on the planet. White, orange, and fluffy, Ed Sheeran’s cat appears to be a sweetheart. Sometimes, on his second Instagram, “teddy’s photos” he shows another side of himself and will sometimes feature a few of his beloved cats. Although many celebrities often show off their dogs, Ed Sheeran has been known to be one to flaunt his cats.

    3. Chika

    Grammy-nominated rapper Chika is not only a critically acclaimed musician, actress, and activist, but also a proud dog mom! Chika is constantly posting her pride and joy, her dog. In one of her posts on Instagram, she even performs a cipher while holding her pet. Chika frequently shares the memories she and her dog hold, both good and bad, on her social media accounts.

    Just before the year changed to 2022, Chika’s dog had four beautiful puppies, making Chika a grand-pet-mom. In a more recent post, she shows off her new puppy Dancer, who is very cute but also appears to be a handful. On her Instagram post, she wrote that her new puppy “learned she can escape the puppy enclosure”, “likes to scream for attention at 4 am”, and “steal[s] chargers”. She might be a bit of a menace, but Dancer is very cute!

    4. Amine

    Just like Megan Thee Stallion, American rapper, singer, and songwriter Amine has a dog, who also has his own Instagram. The curly cutie’s name is Oliver and he might be a bit of a handful given his Instagram handle is “oliverthemenace”. The bio of the account speaks for itself, which reads “I will eat anything”. Taking one look at Amine’s dog’s Instagram will make your heart melt with joy and have your stomach hurting because of how humorous his posts are. This is definitely an account to view if you are having a sad day.

    5.  Britney Spears

    Recently, princess of pop Britney Spears posted an adorable and funny picture of her kitten Polly. Judging by how tiny Polly looks in her Instagram post, it appears Polly is the newest addition to Spear’s family. So far, the general public has yet to see any other photos of the cat. Hopefully, we get to see more content of the kitten because she is absolutely precious!

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