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    Madame Gandhi Premieres New Single “Bad Habits”

    Madame Gandhi Premieres New Single “Bad Habits”

    Never afraid to get political the lifelong activist with a Harvard M.B.A. and former drummer for M.I.A. sings over a funky, staccato beat about overcoming one’s negative tendencies.

    Los Angeles-based drummer, solo artist, and fourth-wave feminist Madame Gandhi premieres her new single, “Bad Habits.” Inspired by Fela Kuti, “Bad Habits” is a joyous electronic Afrobeat song being released to coincide with Felabration, co-produced by Zach Witness. New single will make you want to get up and dance and then go vote.

    At its core it is an inspirational call to action, the uplifting rhythms and soothing harmonies make a perfect backdrop for a melodic passage that connects womxn’s suffrage to Mahatma Gandhi and Fela Kuti’s liberation struggles.

    “I’ve been so pressed that I don’t even know/What’s botherin’ me…Thinking about how I can be so much better/Thinking about all the tears I’ve cried.” 

    Madame Gandhi is on a mission to celebrate and elevate the female voice through her art and work. She made viral news by running 2015’s London Marathon while free-bleeding to address the stigma associated with menstruation. She has spoken at the White House and the U.N., and delivered a TED talk on Atomic Living.

    “I feel some days we have come a long way and other days I feel frustrated like how is it that we are still fighting so many of the same fights from 100 years ago. I hope you will listen to this song and derive hopefulness and joyfulness in a time of disappointment and pain,” said Madame Gandhi.

    Madame Gandhi is presently working on a new album, Visions.

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