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    Rising Afrobeats Sensation Sammie Ca$h Unveils New Heater: Based On

    Rising Afrobeats Sensation Sammie Ca$h Unveils New Heater: Based On

    After leaving a major impression with his debut release “Mad”, Nigerian multi-talented artistSammie Ca$h unveils his latest heater “Based On”, the leading single of his brand-new EP Paid Attention.

    Coming in strong with a sensual, mid-tempo Afrobeats record laced with sweet guitars riffs, Sammie decorates the track with slick adlibs, native dialect, and melodic vocals culminating in a sweet serenade record that doubles up as a smooth yet danceable hit.

    With David Anthony in the director’s chair, Sammie is bringing us into his world of luxury for the new video, giving us a taste of the fine cars, fine house, abundance of money, and no shortage of fine women. Undoubtedly, it is the boldest way to kick off his 2020 and have listeners excited about the EP.

    Born in the UK but having spent time in New York and Atlanta and now Nigeria, Sammie Cash is a well-traveled artist, drawing inspiration from the artists he was listening to in that time – the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Dagrin and J Hus come to mind.

    Sammie’s acclaim is sure to continue to grow and with the energy he maintains, Sammie will stay defying the odds. “Based On” sets the tone for his debut EP Paid Attention and its inviting mesh of sounds that takes the listener through his Hip-Hop, Rap and Afrobeats repertoire. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears on him as he ascends to greater heights in

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    Rising Afrobeats Sen…

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