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    Noodah05 Leaves Them Wheezing In New Video: Breathe

    Noodah05 Leaves Them Wheezing In New Video: Breathe

    Hailing from ATL with manic melodies and an unmistakable flow, Noodah05 is determined to reach the highest echelons of the trap scene.

    Showing off the vibrant charisma that first endeared him to Lil Baby, the Zone 4 rapper shares the new video for his latest single, “Breathe.” The menacingly airy track, produced by frequent Lil Baby collaborator Chi Chi, finds Noodah delivering frenzied flows that leave his enemies gasping for air. The Diesel Filmz-directed video for “Breathe” opens with a hair-raising scene of violence. As emergency personnel arrive to administer care, Noodah steps up to claim his untouchable status: “Too piped up for the average, and don’t play games like Madden/I won’t cuff that b**** if she can’t hold it down for gangsters.”

    “Breathe” continues Noodah’s rapid rise through his hometown scene, which started soon after he picked up the mic for the first time in 2018. With an artist name that derives from a nickname given to him by his grandma, Noodah linked up with Lil Baby, who was impressed to hear a neighborhood kid rapping with such emotional sincerity. Baby signed Noodah to his FourPocketsFull imprint, and gave him a boost by hopping on his single “Wild Child,” also produced by Chi Chi, which has more than 11 million views on YouTube and 20 million streams across platforms. Noodah continued to turn heads with his 2020 project Merciless, home to “Wild Child,” and his 2021 effort Reborn, featuring appearances from Vory, Bankroll Freddie, and Noodah’s fellow 4PF signee Lil Kee.

    Stay tuned for much more from the 4PF stunner, who is determined to validate Lil Baby’s faith and follow his footsteps on the path to trap stardom

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    Noodah05 Leaves Them…

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