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    Stumble Steady Releases New Single: Coming To An End

    Stumble Steady Releases New Single: Coming To An End

    Boca Raton-based indie/alternative act Stumble Steady released their sophomore single, ‘Coming To An End,’ on October 23, 2020.

    For this second single, Garrett Kealer, aka Stumble Steady, teamed up with longtime producer Monty to track the entire song in their home studios, before sending it off to be mixed and mastered by prolific engineer Seth Munson.

    In his latest track ‘Coming To An End,’ Stumble Steady offers a different and obsessive insight into the ending of relationships through the eyes of someone with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

    Combining infectious hooks with tenacious rhythms, colorful guitars, massive pads, and vulnerable yet powerful vocals, ‘Coming To An End’ leaves one feeling that they’re at the saddest yet most fun roller disco they’ve ever attended.

    “As someone with OCD, I project my personal trials and thoughts of relationships onto the character in ‘Coming To An End,’ Garrett Kealer says. “The focus of the character fixates on aspects such as when the breakup will occur, every detail that led to the breakup, the impending fallout, what friends will think, and what will become of his ex-lover. He becomes so wrapped up in his hypothetical details and created worlds that he forgets to take into account her thoughts and feelings, before it is too late.”

    About Stumble Steady

    Stumble Steady is an indie/alternative act based in Boca Raton, FL.

    Inspired by acts such as The 1975, Cage The Elephant, Kacey Musgraves and Pearl Jam, songwriter and frontman Garrett Kealer dives into themes of strife in the modern world through unorthodox means. By blending alternative and indie rock mixed with elements of pop, folk, punk, ska, and surf rock, Stumble Steady creates lush and colorful soundscapes, driven forward by relentless rhythms and unforgettable hooks that serve as solid foundations for thought-provoking, observational, and relatable lyrics.

    A well-traveled musician, Kealer has performed with many groups and artists, and has performed at events and venues including 104.3 The Shark’s Undertow Jam 2016, The Winter NAMM Show 2019, Mizner Park Amphitheater, and multiple packed shows at Culture Room.

    Stumble Steady released their first single, ‘Let’s Have Fun,’ in July 2020.

    Listen to their new single, Coming To An End on your preferred streaming platform.

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