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    Tessa Balaz Releases Stunning Single: Wisemen

    Tessa Balaz Releases Stunning Single: Wisemen

    Esteemed musician/producer shares heartfelt and haunting single “Wisemen” a commentary on being queer in a religious family.

    Her single, “Wisemen,” reflects on the metaphors she has found in the biblical story of the Three Wise Men as it relates to her upbringing in a religious household, which made it difficult to live as her authentic self.

    There is a guttural feeling of loneliness in this haunting track, which centers around Tessa’s voice, with guitar and cello accompaniment.

    “I think it was difficult for me to be who I am at my core – black, queer, bold, sensuous – because of the utter shame I always felt from this upbringing,” explains Balaz.

    Tessa Balaz is a multi-disciplinary artist from Sudbury, Ontario. Having played cello in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, as well as performed in numerous musicals, Balaz has spent the better part of the last decade writing and producing original music and collaborating as a member of production teams for major artists including Daniel Caesar, Drake, The Weekend, Migos, and Mariah Carey.

    “I think we are always, in a way, searching for that authenticity in our lives. I’m grateful to have found it and now try to face anything that makes me fearful rather than bury it down.”

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    Tessa Balaz Releases…

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