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    Beatshare Is Helping People Connect

    Beatshare Is Helping People Connect

    Pioneering mobile company tunes into the power of music to help people connect.

    It’s estimated that we take around 100 million selfies per day. We also love to share music and we understand that it creates memories. Now, with the advent of Beatshare, both forms of expression have been simplified. The new Beatshare app gives us the opportunity to send a song we love or a 10-second clip of a song from our iPhone or Beatshares’ standalone version, to a friend or significant other.

    It gives us a way to share our thoughts, feelings or emotions conveyed through the enticing power of music. Beatshare can be combined with pictures, video, or your own special message. This is a simple, quick, not-to-mention fun way to communicate thoughts and feelings.

    “We believe music should be a central component to the way we communicate and that’s precisely why we created Beatshare,” says Eli Aizenstat, founder and CEO at Beatshare. “Whether you’re a creator or spectator, Beatshare taps into the intrinsic power of music. When the beat drops, chorus hits, and a hook repeats, it evokes powerful feelings.”


    Beatshare has found a way to unleash the power and potential of music within the evolving menu of messaging tools. Each individual using the app is empowered to match clips from over 100 million songs to photos or videos in a way that elevates messages to a personalized art form. Imagine picking your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favorite song, setting some pictures to it, adding a message, and sending it to them for their birthday or just to let them know you are thinking of them. Music is a message and the app helps people send it in a unique way.

    Beatshare is currently accessible to the Apple iPhone. Full music catalogs from Apple Music, Spotify Premium and SoundCloud are integrated which creates an unrivaled user experience.


    The technology allows users to easily package intimate thoughts into a 10-second multimedia message either for direct chats with a contact or to a group of close friends and relatives who are connected through the iOS app or iMessage extension. Having a tool to create rich media accessible within messaging enables users to create and send truly impressive, unique material, and to do so in ways so familiar, they are second nature.

    Aizenstat, the 24-year-old entrepreneur of Beatshare, points out that millennials listen to three hours of music per day and send, on average, a constant flow of 120 daily messages.

    Beatshare unites the two. Sharing a Beat with a friend connects them with the sender. No more one-dimensional, tired old selfies; a Beat is a dynamic clip layered in sound, sight, and emotion. The ease of use and integration represents a breakthrough in communication with the potential to rock the way mobile music junkies interact.


    By 2019, more than one-quarter of the world’s population will be using mobile messaging apps, according to eMarketer’s new forecast. Beatshare is at the forefront of this movement and will greatly expand the capabilities and content of messaging. Incorporating Beats as an innovative use of the language of music will transform the way people everywhere engage with one another. Download Beatshare in the Itunes store.


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    Beatshare Is Helping…

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