X. ARI Releases New Single “Take Me Home” Produced By Tal Vaisman

    X. ARI is a Canadian artist, songwriter, and mental health advocate.

    Earlier this year, she released “BSMI (Broke, Single & Mentally Ill),” a song that furthers her vision to empower others to turn their pain into power by finding their conduit to healing.

    Today, her new single “Take Me Home,” produced by Kadeema’s Tal Vaisman is out.

    This song is about meeting someone really special who lives in another country and wanting them to take you home with them so your relationship doesn’t have to end.

    X. ARI wrote “Take Me Home” with Anders Grahn. The writing process was very organic and the demo was recorded at his home studio. What’s rare is that the original demo vocals were kept for the track.

    As you listen, feel inspired to embrace the vulnerability that comes with taking a leap of faith in love.

    If someone you meet on the other side of the world becomes your world, go after it and don’t let it go. You never know where you’ll meet your soulmate.

    X. ARI

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      X. ARI Releases New …

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