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    Carribean, Bronx Rapper High Nelson Delivers Music Video for New Single: Sunday

    Carribean, Bronx Rapper High Nelson Delivers Music Video for New Single: Sunday

    Bronx up and comer High Nelson delivers laid-back summer scorcher “Sunday.”

    Gearing up to release a slew of vibey and authentic singles with equally impressive visuals, the Bronx native is immediately positioning himself as one to watch in the rap space. With his first release of the year “Sunday,” High Nelson shows us what he’s made of.

    “Music is my therapist, my musical journal. Previously discarded thoughts become soundtracks to my life, utilizing life’s positive and negative experiences along with the emotions they evoke.”

    Being a relative of legendary calypsonian musicians, High Nelson’s Trinidadian influence is evident in his afro-infused hip hop sound. These roots can be both heard and seen in ‘Sunday’, with Nelson showcasing an all too confident and relaxed delivery, rapping about his womanizing ways over an equally laid back and tropical, trap-infused instrumental.

    Visually, High Nelson is in his element, his nonchalant demeanor and carefree attitude come through in full force as he’s accompanied by an army of beautiful women in different settings, highlighting the intriguing message of the song which includes Nelson’s struggles with women as his vice, and questioning the benefits of monogamy.

    Talking about his influences, in his own words, Nelson explains “My upbringing plays a part in the constant push and pulls between right and wrong. There are many contradictions in the way I was raised by my family and the way I learned to survive outside of my household in the Bronx; these concepts live within my music.” Being raised in the Bronx no doubt influenced High Nelson’s sound. His New York state of mind combined with rich Trinidadian roots have organically fused together to create a perfect mesh of raw and authentic rap style, with a touch of easy-going calypso swagger.

    With “Sunday” being the first major release from High Nelson, the electric introduction provides an exciting foundation for much-deserved hype to continue to build around the artist. A slew of upcoming videos, as well as a full project on the horizon, show clear signs that Nelson is ready to hit the ground running, and with this clear combination of talent and consistency, the up-and-comer is in pole position to propel into an artist who is more than deserving of keeping your eyes and ears firmly on.

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