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T-Rextasy Released Their New LP “Prehysteria”

T-Rextasy’s sophomore LP, “Prehysteria”, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Jurassic Punk” is out today on digital platforms and cassette. “Prehysteria” is an all-inclusive spirited “embrace your madness” house carrying…

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Spend The Holidays With T-Rextasy’s New LP

T-Rextasy self-released their new LP “Prehysteria”, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut "Jurassic Punk", that received praise from Rolling Stone and NPR. To celebrate the release of their LP,…

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The Night Game Debuts with Two Hit Singles

Originally hailing from a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts, The Night Game first entered the musical arena full-steam with their debut single “The Outfield,”. In August of 2017, Los Angeles based outfit The Night…

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