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    9 HR Software Solutions To Know In 2021

    9 HR Software Solutions To Know In 2021

    Often known as HCM or Human Capital Management software programs, these solutions make HR management and related functions extremely simple.

    This has led to an increase in the development and usage of such programs, so much so that the HR software program development sector is predicted to be at a market value of $10.3 billion by 2023.

    In the past, these solutions were limited to a few functions, such as recording employee benefits, payrolls, and other details. However, with time, the demand for cloud technology and automation rose, which led to an increase in added services in these software solutions such as filing time-off requests, details about recruiting processes and focusing on company culture.

    If you have been thinking of getting and trying out a software solution yourself, now is the right time.

    Here is a list of the top 9 HR software solutions and programs that you must know and apply in 2021 and beyond.


    This software program believes in making solutions simple for beginners instead of complicating them. The employees that use EnableHR recommend this tool due to its intuitive interface and cost-effective solutions. Since this service is hosted by Amazon Web Services, it provides optimum security. You don’t have to worry about moving to another place and losing your data. The two-layer authentication and encryption layering make it one of the most secure programs available.


    If you need time and task management in your organization, this software solution is your answer. It creates, assigns, and accumulates tasks on one dashboard, allowing multiple users to access and track their progress in one place. You can also send letters and important documents to your employees and get their digital signatures. Important data such as app usage and compensation trends can be turned into visual graphs for reports.

    Sage People

    This cloud-based HR solution is proficient in handling medium-sized companies. If hiring top talent and comparing several candidates to hire the cream of the crop is your major concern, this software program is your answer. It sources job offers, evaluates them, and follows an end-to-end talent acquisition pattern. Since the interface is intuitive, every employee can use this program with precision.


    This software program is user-friendly and one of the best solutions for newbies. Among the myriad of services and benefits provided by SageHR, the main highlights are goal setting, automation, analyzing and reviewing HR analytics, and onboarding new employees. This tool is also predominantly known for its ability to design and distribute surveys while maintaining anonymity. It also lets you access the schedules of your employees.


    Gusto adheres to employee equality and aims at providing the same benefits to every worker in the organization, thereby ensuring that no one is left out. It is more about uplifting your employees’ spirit than forcing them to acquire technological and systemic knowledge. However, when it comes to calculations and preparing error-free reports, Gusto is one of the best solutions out there. is primarily used for job recruitment and the onboarding process. You can access multiple pre-built templates that allow you to design and process your workflow as you please. The colorful interface makes working fun and gives clarity of operation. With this software program, you can visualize goals with a clearer intention. This also helps you keep a track of your progress.


    When it comes to employee recruitment and appraisal, no other program can beat Trakstar. Primary tasks include goal setting and management, performance review, evaluating talents. It also keeps your employees on track by providing better workforce planning and record management. Your employees can also access a self-service portal that tracks their progress and highlights their performance indicators.


    Paycor caters to organizations of all sizes and adheres to a unified HR management application. Whether it’s tracking day-to-day progress or managing a bigger project at once, this software solution is an ideal choice. Added services include payroll management, timekeeping solutions. It not only hires new talent but also aims at improving the performance of the existing employees.


    The main role of this program is to oversee payroll management. Even though several HR software programs manage payroll, OnPay is one of the most reliable tools. Other features provided by this solution include tax management, accounting, and payment support.

    These software programs are some of the most effective solutions to simplify HR management and track employee programs. They will not only help you pick errors and make tasks easier but also save you time. Pick any one of these in the upcoming year and experience a much-needed change in your administration.

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