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    Autotalks Expands Into China With It’s Truly Secure LTE-V2X Solution

    Autotalks Expands Into China With It’s Truly Secure LTE-V2X Solution

    Autotalks, a world leader in V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communication solutions, is expanding its operations to China in order to bring its disruptive global V2X offering to the Chinese intelligent and connected vehicle industry.

    China is a fast-growing region in the automotive and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) segments. LTE-V2X technology has been recently gaining strong momentum in China. To support the expansion, Autotalks recruited Mr. Xiaobing Yang, who will lead Autotalks’ business development efforts in China out of Autotalks’ new branch in Beijing. Mr. Yang brings to Autotalks over 25 years of experience in the Chinese telecom industry.

    Recently, Autotalks launched the first ever global V2X solution supporting both DSRC and LTE-V2X (also known as C-V2X) based on its second generation mature chipset with the intention of expanding its global footprint into China. Autotalks’ LTE-V2X direct communications (PC5) solution is separated from the cellular Network Access Device (NAD), resulting in a truly secure and cost-effective standalone LTE-V2X solution.

    “Autotalks’ unique value proposition gained the attention and interest of the leading automotive players in China,” explained Ram Shallom, Autotalks’ VP of Business Development and Marketing in Asia-Pacific. “with a decade-long track record, backed by mass production awards from top global automakers, we are committed to working closely with the Chinese automotive ecosystem to bring our disruptive cyber secure global V2X solution to mass deployment and start saving lives on China’s roads, while easing global expansion.”

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