Deepti Sawhney, Founder Of Manhattattva & The Educational Technology Summit Series In India Brings Design Thinking To Address Social Problems

    When families, community groups, businesses, and educators come together to support learning, children can achieve more.

    In a new interview with C.M. Rubin, Founder of CMRubinWorld, Deepti Sawhney, Founder, and CEO of Manhattattva and it’s Educational Technology Summit Series, says her new summit is focused on nurturing creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

    Her platform provides students with opportunities to “exhibit their creativity, problem-solving skills, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills.” During the event, students create prototypes for new products and business executives provide constructive feedback on the work developed by the students.

    The main idea behind Sawhney’s learning models has been to give students an understanding of the design-thinking cycle, through a practical program.

    “The participating students are encouraged to solve real-world authentic problems by innovative design thinking,”

    says Sawhney, who adds that the greatest challenge she has faced in India is that teachers “don’t have time in their timetable to conduct innovative activities in school.”

    Read the full article here.

    Deepti Sawhney is the Founder and CEO of Mahattattva, an educational transformation company focused on empowering schools to implement sustainable solutions, to achieve leading educational transformations with new-age technology. Sawhney is the winner of the Leadership Award at BETT Asia 2019 for her work on ‘Design Thinking for Social Change’.

    CMRubinWorld’s award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. The series has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st-century learning, offering a diverse range of innovative ideas that are presented by the series founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world’s leading thinkers.

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