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    The Optimal Age To Learn How To Drive

    The Optimal Age To Learn How To Drive

    Assuming there is an optimal age to learn how to drive completely discredits the notion that age is just a number.

    Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of learning such a skill through different ages in life.

    However, is it better to learn how to drive while you are young, old, or when you finally have a family? Is it really different? If so, how can you choose an ‘optimal’ age to learn how to drive? These are all questions that this article aims to answer or, at least, address.

    We have identified 3 different stages in life where people frequently choose to learn to drive. Below, you will find what we think are the pros and cons of learning at each age.

    This is not a definitive answer to when you should choose to learn how to drive. However, we hope this helps you make a more informed decision.

    Perks of Learning How to Drive at 18

    People might think this is the ideal age to learn how to drive because of the independence that comes with it.

    Instead of constantly asking your parents or older siblings to drive you around, you’re now legally capable of doing it yourself. Some might argue that you’d still lack the required experience and feeling of responsibility.

    That is true. However, we argue that because being 18 is relatively young, you get more time to gain experience and become more responsible. You’ll find that in Manchester in the UK, for instance, the legal age for a driving permit is 15. The instructors at understand that this allows them plenty of time to really understand the road rules and why they’re important.

    Similarly, 18-year-olds learn quickly the consequences of unsafe driving, as law enforcement agencies are now legally bound to enforce their jurisdiction on you in case of foul play. While you might think it is a double-edged sword, we believe the pros outweigh the cons. This is a learning experience that, surely, will help shape your character and discipline.

    Perks of Learning How to Drive in your 30s

    People who live in major cities with great public transportation systems tend to not drive.

    The availability of high-quality alternatives discourages them from opting to try and learn how to drive from a young age. However, as they move to less crowded areas, a need for a private car becomes obvious. Some might argue that, because of the rather more mature age, 30-year-olds would think learning such an elementary skill is beneath them. Yet, we would argue that an adult will take this experience a lot more seriously.

    Various accounts of people who learned to drive in their 30s provide very interesting insight behind the rationale of learning such a skill at an older age. The element of necessity is obvious in most, if not all, of the accounts. It is no longer a luxury for them to learn this skill, but rather an undeniable reality.

    Most adult learners pass their driving tests from the first trial, while younger ones don’t. You learn faster because you can already identify most of the road rules and safety precautions.

    Is it Too Late to Learn How to Drive if You Already Have a Family?

    It is not about you anymore. You’re forced to drive yourself and your family members around.

    You’re no longer free to choose not to have a driver’s license. Not only are you expected to do it, but you also have to do it with great excellence and high safety regard because of fears that you might endanger the lives of people with you, let alone yourself.

    In short, we think it is safe to assume that it is never too late to learn how to drive, even if you have a family.

    Is There an Optimal Age to Learn How to Drive?

    As you have seen throughout this article, there are pros and cons to learning how to drive at different stages in life.

    The experience you go through, along with the expectations and responsibility, will all be of worthiness regardless of age. Some might be hesitant to learn how to drive at 18, 30, or even 50. However, depending on where you live and how you usually commute, learning how to drive will always be beneficial for you.

    If there is one thing we would recommend, start learning how to drive right now! Regardless of your age. If you are of the legal age to take the driving test, do it! It saves so much time to do it early on in life but wouldn’t hurt if you decide to do it later.

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