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    Effective Ways To Keep Viruses Off Your Computer

    Effective Ways To Keep Viruses Off Your Computer

    The number of cyberthreats we face seems to increase by the day. Although computer viruses don’t receive quite as much media attention as they once did, it shouldn’t be assumed that they’ve simply gone away.

    A single virus infection can result in data theft, compromised finances, a bricked computer, or any combination thereof. So, if you’ve lowered your guard against computer viruses in recent years, it’s time to correct that thinking and put the following tips to good use.

    Install Dedicated Antivirus Software

    Operating systems now have a lot more in terms of built-in virus protection than they did in decades past. And while this is undeniably a good thing, many people have taken it to mean that dedicated antivirus software is no longer needed to keep their computers safe. However, in the interest of maximum security, it should be understood that enhanced security measures on the part of your O.S. are no substitute for dedicated antivirus software, which will provide you with an advanced level of protection against viruses of all types and various other cyberthreats.

    Good antivirus software will go above and beyond the call of duty to keep your computer safe. Furthermore, many dependable antivirus programs are affordable on even the tightest of budgets. So, if your computer is currently bereft of dedicated antivirus software, now would be the time to get on top of this.

    Promptly Install Operating System and Software Updates

    Operating systems and assorted programs receive updates on a consistent basis, and since many of these updates are created in response to viruses and other cyberthreats, it’s in your best interest to install them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to updates and patches, many of us allow procrastination to win out.

    For example, if an update becomes available while we’re in the middle of using our computers, we generally won’t give a second thought to placing installation on the backburner. However, the longer you wait to install important updates, the more vulnerable your PC will be.

    It’s important to understand that virus developers are banking on your procrastination in this matter, and by refusing to install updates in a timely manner, you’re essentially giving them what they want. So, the next time you’re presented with an operating system or software update, make a point of installing it posthaste, even if doing so means putting certain tasks on hold. Any minor inconvenience you experience is well worth the added protection you’ll receive from crucial updates.

    If you simply don’t trust yourself to install updates in an appropriately timely fashion, consider setting your operating system and various programs to automatically install updates as they become available. This will effectively take procrastination out of the equation and ensure that your computer is able to immediately enjoy the enhanced protection updates bring.

    Don’t Download Pirated Software

    Viruses and other malicious software are commonly spread through pirated programs. So, if you’re hoping to save some money through software piracy, be advised that this decision may result in serious virus infection. Even if pirated software is virus-free, downloading it stands to draw negative attention from your service provider and/or land you in legal trouble. In addition to avoiding pirated software, you’ll also need to exercise caution when downloading free programs – which you should only get from trusted sources.

    You should exercise similar caution when downloading attachments from emails. For one thing, you should never download an attachment from an email that comes from a sender you don’t recognize. Furthermore, even if you recognize the sender, avoid downloading any attachments that strike you as odd. Should you come across a message from a contact that contains suspicious attachments, speak to the party in question before proceeding to download them, as it’s possible that one of your accounts has been compromised.

    Viruses can do a real number on computers. From low-level malware to high-level ransomware, viruses are lurking around every corner of the web, and failure to properly protect your computer is liable to result in some truly undesirable consequences. Fortunately, keeping your computer – and personal data – safe from such threats doesn’t have to be an uphill climb. Putting the previously discussed pointers to good use can dramatically reduce your computer’s odds of infection and provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

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