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    Tech Trends To Know In 2021

    Tech Trends To Know In 2021

    Technology plays a pivotal role in our daily lives.

    Every faculty of our lifestyles features technology, and we can all attest to the ways it has made life much easier and efficient. For instance, technology has revolutionized the gaming and sports industry in many different ways.

    In business, the use of technology in production, packaging, and marketing has made all processes much simpler. In short, technology has and continues to change our lives in different undeniable ways. 2020 was a tough year for all of us, and we got pushed beyond our comfort zones. Technology too got tested against real-life crises to provide solutions, and we can comfortably say it passed the test.

    Here are some of the tech trends you should look out for in 2021.


    5G technology is changing the internet and making things swifter. People in the mobile phone and related industries can attest to this. In the recent past, services on the internet have improved due to the availability of 3G and 4G internet. It’s undeniable that industries like gambling are looking for better days with 5G internet. The industry has risen during the last decade due to the increased use of mobile gaming technologies. Punters use the internet to pay and withdraw winnings from their websites. This way, everything became more accessible.

    Lately, there are more and more online payment methods used online. A lot of casinos use M-Pesa as a payment option because it is very secured and friendly. This payment option is a common form of payment in online gambling in Kenya and other countries using Safaricom telecommunication services- have seen incredible growth in the industry. M-Pesa payment method is one of the reasons that make it easy for punters to play online without leaving their homes to load their credit and debit cards.


    Bitcoin is a trending cryptocurrency and one of the most common of its kind. Most businesses have embraced this non-cash currency to buy and pay for goods and services. One of the industries that have approved its use in transactions in the gambling industry. Offline and online casinos now allow punters to access gambling services and pay using Bitcoins (BTC).

    Actually, some casinos have what they call bitcoin casinos, whereby punters can access a selection of games and promotions entitled to those exclusively using Bitcoins. The hotel industry also has accepted trade conducted using the currency. Most users have reported enjoying the anonymity and safety that comes with using the currency.

    Increased remote working and video conferencing

    More than 50% of the world’s working population have shifted their office into their homes. People had to keep working even during Coronavirus imposed lockdowns. Even after the lifting of movement restrictions, most firms allow their workers to work from home. Also, currently, there is an influx of new remote job openings in the market where one can work for a foreign company from any location in the world.

    Similarly, more firms are holding their meetings online via zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and video conferencing. This makes it easy for employees to attend meetings from any location. You don’t need to be in town to work for a company or attend the corporate meeting. Companies even conduct interviews online.

    Virtual and eLearning

    Most countries are still on lockdowns and where there are no local movement restrictions, international flights have not yet resumed. Studies have to go on and both kids and adults do not need to attend classes physically. Universities and other higher learning institutions are enrolling students on eLearning portals where they attend lectures and do their exams. With applications like Zoom, a tutor can see all their students and engage in a live discussion as the lesson progresses.

    Augmented and Virtual Reality

    The technology allows you to be part of a computer-generated environment. In simple terms, if for instance, you are playing a video game, VR and AR gives you an experience that feels almost real. You visit the landscapes like you were there physically. AR technology has been used in different industries besides the gaming and gambling industry. Other industries include; fashion, industrial design, construction, art, manufacturing, health care, social media, and entertainment.

    With the increasing use and spread of the 5G network, Virtual and Augmented realities will soar high. Other related technologies like artificial Intelligence and remote assistance will keep expanding and changing the world. All you need is a pair of glasses, and you get to visit Jurassic Park or play a game with your buddies in the same room from their homes.

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