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    Reasons To Own A Hotbox Machine

    Reasons To Own A Hotbox Machine

    You need a hotbox machine if you work in the asphalt repair industry.

    It’s a no-brainer once you realize how much more productive you can be with it.

    1. If you want to, you can work around the clock.

    The asphalt becomes extremely difficult to work with if the temperature drops below freezing.

    You don’t have to worry about that with a hotbox. An asphalt hotbox machine can maintain 350-degree asphalt temps in any condition, no matter how hot or cold outside. It means that you can work all year long. In addition, using a hotbox reclaimer will ensure that the cold patch is kept at the proper temperature.

    1. In frigid climates, it is possible to avoid laying off workers during the slower months.

    Even if just for a short period, some businesses must lay off valued personnel due to the slowdown in road building during the winter months. If you can use a hotbox all year long, you can avoid laying off their hard-working employees.

    1. You can make money all year long.

    To avoid the customary their- to five-month downtime when the weather changes, you can use an asphalt hotbox. The company’s staff can instead be out all winter conducting emergency asphalt repairs. You can quickly charge a premium because you are the only asphalt contractor capable of doing the repairs in most circumstances.

    1. It’s also a reclaimer.

    There is no hot mix asphalt if the plants shut down. Easy. Before the end of the season, you can keep the plant mix in a hotbox reclaimer and reheat the material overnight. Your company will continue to operate during the winter if you have enough hot mix asphalt on hand.

    Crack filling professionals have created their best-selling asphalt crack filler machine with the needs of professional contractors in mind. You may accurately pour the crack filler into asphalt cracks with the help of a push melter like this one. Pavemade’s HOTBOX 10 direct fire melter, on the other hand, is built to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding job sites. Because they are sure about the quality of their product, they have included a lifetime warranty on the melter body. For upcoming years, you can count on the HOTBOX 10 to perform at its peak.

    The HOTBOX 10 asphalt crack filler is the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair asphalt, pavements, and driveways. Their machine is a best-seller for a reason: it’s ideal for one-person projects like long driveways and parking lot restorations.

    As a result, the product has several uses if placed in many different settings, from the building site to the classroom. Property managers, school districts, communities, and townships might benefit from using the HOTBOX 10 as a DIY tool. The more and longer you use it, the more you’ll see how much more efficient it is!

    What is all there in the HotBox 10 Crack Filler?

    There is no substitute for their 10-gallon push-behind Asphalt Crack Fill Machine. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to perform high-quality repairs. The HOTBOX 10 is to be the best-in-class product in its class.

    • The HOTBOX 10’s all-steel design and 14 gauge, double-walled melter body make it highly durable.
    • With a capacity of 10 gallons, it is ideal for large-scale crack filling projects.
    • There is no twist or bend in the agitation bar because it is thick. It’s easy to move around with, so you can agitate it while you go.
    • Steel wheels do not gather up or leave marks while you are working.
    • Front and rear wheels use ball bearings, allowing smoother movement and less fatigue for the driver, even on inclines.
    • The HOTBOX 10’s foldable handles make it easy to transport in trucks and trailers.

    In addition, it guarantees equal heat dispersion and speedier heat-up times. With the presence of a propane burner and air-jacketed melter, it is known to meltdown rubberized crack filler in less than 20 minutes—faster than most other versions on the market!

    Is the HOTBOX 10 dependable?

    In their opinion, the HotBox 10 is the most reliable machine now available. Every feature you could want is there in the product and a few things you are unaware of. That’s not even into account the fact that it’s reasonably priced.

    Few crack fillers can match the professional finish of the HOTBOX 10 in this regard. You may find it unbelievable when they say that it’s constructed to last, even though they know it is. If you’re not convinced, you don’t have to believe them! When purchasing a melter, you can be confident that you’re getting a machine with a lifetime warranty, a one-year warranty on the parts included, and free technical assistance.

    HOTBOX 10 instruction

    A HOTBOX 10 crack fill machine is a breeze to set up and use. Follow three simple steps to get started. After lighting your torch and putting a block of rubberized asphalt crack filler in the main melter chamber, let it heat up within 20 minutes. The agitator can also be used to speed up the process of healing.

    Check if the crack filler has wholly melted and transformed from a solid to a liquid state. Then you can begin to push your HOTBOX 10 along any cracks you wish to mend at an hourly mile speed. Use the machine’s handles to apply the rubberized crack filler. To apply filler, push the trigger lever while walking along each crack. Usage of this scraper can is to smooth out the crack filler and seal it in place.

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