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    The Good and Bad Ways Video Games Change The Brain

    The Good and Bad Ways Video Games Change The Brain

    Whether you are a fan of video games or you know people, who love playing them, there are a few peculiar facts that might completely change your opinion about gaming.

    It is no surprise that everything we do affects our brain in different ways and video games are not an exception. However, the positive effects of gaming go hand in hand with the negative ones.

    What skills can video games improve?

    There’s a plenty of discussion going on about whether playing video games can actually anyhow contribute to your skills. This topic is especially relevant for parents, whose kids dedicate most of their free time to playing games on their computers.

    We are here to ruin the myth that gaming has nothing good to bring into the life of players. It has been scientifically proved that those, who play video games on regular basis show improved attention and memory. These skills are undoubtedly essential and it is important to train them, even if by gaming. You can also download a special software called ดาวน์โหลด gclub and test it.

    Can video games cause violent tendencies in society?

    Virtual reality seems so different and mysterious, that’s why it attracts so much. One of the reasons why gamers may seem so distracted and out of this world, is the gaming process. They dive into another reality and live a different life there. So, it is important to devote a moderate amount of time to gaming. This is especially wide-spread in Asian countries where people spent days on this type of activity.

    Games, which include violent acts towards others, like shooting and other types of murder may undermine mental health, especially of youngsters. While video games may not be a direct reason for violence, they may act as a trigger for those, who have already been feeling signs of mental instability. Such people have to avoid any types of games that include performing violent actions.

    How playing video games actually changes your brain

    Now, as we approach the main topic, it would be nice to highlight that things are good when used moderately. Spending most of your day playing the computer will unlikely make you notice any positive changes in your behavior if not worse. Passing to some obvious changes, noticed among gamers, would be improved eye-hand coordination, higher concentration, and even improved skills of language learning. Due to the need of total concentration on the game process and communication with multiple players from all over the world at the same time, gamers can easily improve these skills.

    Every game is a competition and when you accomplish something, your brain releases dopamine – a hormone that is responsible for the feeling of motivation and reward, and plays a very important role in our bodies. Low levels of this hormone can negatively affect our moods, so it is safe to say that video games can actually save you from depression. But, again, it is important to remember that they can also easily do the opposite.

    Playing nonstop making losing and winning inevitable, and this becomes a vicious circle. These extremes destabilize your emotions and may cause feelings of irritation and anger, leading to depression. So if you want to take a break, do switch to playing Asian fish shooting game which can be found if you search for GClub Fish shooting (เกมยิงปลา).

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