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    Wine App Launches The New Global “Yelp For Wineries”

    Wine App Launches The New Global “Yelp For Wineries”

    “Places” is a new international directory of wineries being launched by My Wine Society (exclusively in-app).

    Designed to bring wineries and wine lovers from across the globe closer together, Places will be the most robust and comprehensive list of wineries in the world!

    Wine drinkers will be able to easily connect with wineries in their region, and wineries will be clearly visible to enthusiasts across the globe! Wineries will be able to grow their outreach and wine drinkers will have a much easier time planning wine trips by easily accessing all wineries in a region. Because the entire global database will be accessible in-app, you will never be too far away from the wine you love or your nearest wine enthusiast!

    App users around the globe can use Places to; discover new wineries, plan a visit, check operating hours, view photos, contact a winery or schedule a tasting. There are hundreds of wineries on the platform already and there are projected to be 160,000 users globally in 2019; that number will grow to 500,000 users in 2020.

    For $19.95 a month plus tax, wineries can become Verified on My Wine Society’s Places. Becoming verified comes with many perks, starting with a welcome package that includes a verified window sticker and a My Wine Society gift for the wineries tasting room. Wineries will have a direct connection to My Wine Society app users worldwide as well as monthly analytic reports of the number of clicks per page, growth over time, demographics of visitors, website clicks, and world presence.

    Places is set to launch in early February 2019. For more information please visit here.

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