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    5 Reasons To Go To Chattanooga, Tennessee This Fall

    5 Reasons To Go To Chattanooga, Tennessee This Fall

    As summer comes to an end and the cooler months begin to approach, what better time to spend in the south?

    With the fresh autumn air and vibrant colors across the rolling hills — there’s no place like Tennessee in the fall!


    Chattanooga, Tennessee is the picture-perfect fall city on everyone’s list this upcoming season. From beautiful scenery to festivals, food, and more, Chattanooga has everything you love about the fall season down south.

    Here are 5 reasons to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee this fall (and bring the family):

    1. The Nature Walks

    From the spectacular Ruby Falls to the Tennessee and Ocoee River, there are an abundance of outdoor activities for everyone to take advantage of the temperate weather and vibrant colors of fall. Whether you prefer a nice stroll or an active hike, there’s plenty to go in the great Tennessee Outdoors!

    2. The Chattanooga Market

    While most weekly markets are a thing of the summer, Chattanooga’s market stretches until the end of November and takes place in Downtown Chattanooga every Sunday from 11am-4pm. Voted one of the best markets in the country, the Chattanooga Market hosts over 200 farms, local art, and craft vendors, and live music!

    3. The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

    The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival is said to become Chattanooga’s claim to fame with loads of classic cars, live entertainment, and your favorite southern food, this three-day festival from October 15-17 is set to be the highlight of fall. The event is free for children under 15, making this a perfect treat for the whole family, and tickets can be purchased on their website.

    4. Fall Foliage Lunch Cruise:

    In the fall, the Southern Belle Riverboat takes guests on a 3-hour cruise to the Tennessee Gorge, otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of the South, to witness the bright and brilliant colors of fall right from the water. A buffet lunch and live entertainment are included with the ticket.

    5. The Apple Festival

    There isn’t anything more quintessentially fall than a classic apple festival down south! On Sunday, September 26 at First Horizon Pavillion you can find local apples galore along with all the best apple treats and crafts you can think of!

    If you’d like to learn more about upcoming events in Chattanooga, Tennessee, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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