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    La Palomilla B&B Helps Guests Eat Their Way To Christmas

    La Palomilla B&B Helps Guests Eat Their Way To Christmas

    Loosen your belt and prepare to savor your way toward Christmas Day with homemade food and Mexican Flair at La Palomilla Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Mexico City.

    La Palomilla Bed and Breakfast in Mexico City will be whipping up holiday dishes at a frantic pace to help guests enjoy a sweet and savory (even sippable) 12-day countdown to Christmas Day.

    “Advent calendars are very popular in Mexico,” said Alessandra Pérez-Cirera, owner/innkeeper of La Palomilla in Roma Norte, one of the hippest and safest neighborhoods in the City. “We put a lot of thought into how to create a unique holiday getaway and we think our guests will really enjoy eating their way to Christmas. Plus, we’re using organic and locally-sourced ingredients as much as possible. We want the recipes to be authentic as well as conscientious.”

    Beginning on December 13th, the bed and breakfast will make one dish a day as part of its Very Mexican Christmas campaign. Like with most advent calendars, the fun is in the daily discovery though La Palomilla will be publically sharing its calendar (in case you must know ahead of time). The bed and breakfast will also be blogging a new recipe each day here, and posting photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    A Very Mexican Christmas Advent Calendar Days till Xmas

    12 Days; December 13: Bean Tamales

    11 Days; December 14: Buñuelos

    10 Days; December 15: Chocolate Caliente

    09 Days; December 16: Galletas de Navidad

    08 Days; December 17: Noche Buena Salad

    07 Days; December 18: White Christmas Salad

    06 Days; December 19: Cocoflan

    05 Days; December 20: Piloncillo Cookies

    04 Days; December 21: Ponche

    03 Days; December 22: Mandarin Jam

    02 Days; December 23: Volcán

    01 Days; December 24: Bacalao

    La Palomilla will also be pointing guests toward a nearby posada and pastorela from December 15 through the 24th. Posadas and pastorelas are beloved Mexican traditions at this time of year. In the posada, actors re-enact the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and their search for lodging. Similarly, the pastorela is like a nativity play that re-enacts the shepherds’ journey to see the Christ Child at Bethlehem.

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