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    Americans Spend 20% More On Video Games Than Travel

    Americans Spend 20% More On Video Games Than Travel

    With recent reports showing that 82% of people are in a “ready to travel” mindset in 2022, the All Home connections team wondered: are Americans spending more on video games or vacations?

    They surveyed 1,000 American gamers and found that our respondents reported spending 20% more on video games yearly than they do on travel

    The average gamer spends $912 per year on gaming and only $772.60 per year on vacations. See what else they found in the full report.


    • Millennials spend the most on gaming. On average, millennials spend $86 per month on gaming and 41.62% of millennial respondents said they spend between $91 – $150 on gaming each month.
    • Gamers spend the most on buying new games (19.50% of respondents) and in-app purchases (19% of respondents).
    • Male gamers spend only $16 more per month on gaming than female gamers.

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    Americans Spend 20% …

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