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    Americans Spend 20% More On Video Games Than Travel

    Americans Spend 20% More On Video Games Than Travel

    With recent reports showing that 82% of people are in a “ready to travel” mindset in 2022, the All Home connections team wondered: are Americans spending more on video games or vacations?

    They surveyed 1,000 American gamers and found that our respondents reported spending 20% more on video games yearly than they do on travel

    The average gamer spends $912 per year on gaming and only $772.60 per year on vacations. See what else they found in the full report.


    • Millennials spend the most on gaming. On average, millennials spend $86 per month on gaming and 41.62% of millennial respondents said they spend between $91 – $150 on gaming each month.
    • Gamers spend the most on buying new games (19.50% of respondents) and in-app purchases (19% of respondents).
    • Male gamers spend only $16 more per month on gaming than female gamers.

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    • Taby1996
      August 22, 2022

      I’m sure if more people knew about the betting game at, this statistic would need to be fundamentally changed!)
      It’s just that I’ve never encountered such an easy and gambling game in my “career” as a gamer.

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    Americans Spend 20% …

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