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    Cuba Loves Baseball: A Photographic Journey by Ira Block

    Cuba Loves Baseball: A Photographic Journey by Ira Block

    According to the New York Times, Cuba is at an historic turning point. As the country catches up with political and economic changes, baseball will inevitably catch up and change as well.

    In his new book Cuba Loves Baseball, photographer Ira Block, who spent three years photographing the culture of Cuba through baseball, has assembled more than one hundred images of baseball players of all ages. In doing so, Block helps to preserve baseball’s enduring presence in Cuba.

    Cuba Loves Baseball © Ira Block Photography

    The colorful photos cover everything from grass roots baseball to the pro teams, from portraits of old-timers to children playing baseball in the streets, and from exuberant fans at stadiums to vendors selling traditional food before the games.

    Cuba Loves Baseball incorporates sport with culture in a country that has been “closed” for so many years. It makes the perfect gift for sports fans, people interested in Cuba and travel, men and women who played baseball as children in cities or rural areas, and parents who have children playing baseball now.

    About the authors

    Ira Block is an internationally renowned documentary photographer, lecturer, and workshop leader who has produced more than 30 stories for the National Geographic Magazine and its affiliates. His books include Backroads America and Saving America’s Treasures. His photographs have been exhibited in the United States, Japan, and Great Britain. Among his workshop destinations are Bhutan, Mongolia, Tibet, Laos, and Cuba.

    Block resides in New York City and attends baseball games whenever he has the chance.


    Bob Costas is a long-time broadcaster who has covered every major American sporting event throughout his career, as well as the winter and summer Olympic Games. Over the course of his career, Costas has won 28 Emmy awards, and in 2012, he was inducted into the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame.

    Sigfredo Barros has been covering sports for Cuba’s national newspaper, Granma, since the 1970s. A lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, Barros resides in Havana, Cuba.

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