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    Kentucky Is The No. 8 Best State To Start A Farm Or Ranch

    Kentucky Is The No. 8 Best State To Start A Farm Or Ranch

    The time couldn’t be riper to start a farm or ranch — the agriculture industry faces a massive shortage of farmers and ranchers who are more critical than ever to maintaining our food supply.

    But where do you have the highest chance of successfully starting a Green Acres life?

    Ahead of Farmer’s Day, Oct. 12, LawnStarter compared the 50 states across 42 key metrics to rank 2021’s Best States to Start a Farm or Ranch.

    We looked for states with existing farm communities to indicate viability, good infrastructure, and a suitable climate. We also compared the states based on overhead and ROI potential.

    How did Kentucky fare?

    Kentucky’s Rank for Some Key Metrics (1 = Best)

    • Increase in Farmland Area Over Past Year – 1st
    • Water Quality (Total Number of Violations in Past Year) – 4th
    • Rural Health Clinics per 1,000 Square Miles – 1st
    • Average Monthly Precipitation (in Inches) – 15th
    • Natural Hazards Index – 21st
    • Farm Workers per 100,000 Residents – 18th
    • Average Per-Farm Production Expenses – 25th
    • Farmland Returns – 8th

    Lawnstarter‘s full ranking and analysis can be found here.

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    • Adam
      June 15, 2022

      Hello, this is really a great state to start your own farm or something like that. Excellent climate, soil and territory around. Moreover, now there are many smart technologies to improve your farm. From irrigation automation or a chicken coop door for your coop. Things like this make everything easier

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