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    Study Reveals How Much Pet Influencers Can Make On Instagram

    Study Reveals How Much Pet Influencers Can Make On Instagram

    Honest Paws recently released a study revealing just how much money top animal influencers can make on Instagram.

    You’d be surprised at just how quickly pet influencers can pay off mortgages even in the increasingly unaffordable home prices of today!

    For most people, buying a home is likely the biggest purchase they’ll ever make and requires years of concentrated saving just to afford the down payment. Then, after the initial gouge, they have a mortgage looming over them for thirty years or more.

    With that in mind, Honest Paws’ recent study used each of the 50 top-earning pet influencers’ average earnings per post and compared them to the average mortgage principal in the United States. The result is a list of the exact number of posts required for each pet to pay off the average U.S. mortgage.

    The study repertories the top 10 top-earning animals overall, as well as the top 10 top-earning dogs, cats, and other animals. It also illustrates how quickly pet influencers can pay off the average mortgage in every state.

    Key findings

    • The average American mortgage is $192,781. Jiffpom, the number 1 pet influencer on Instagram, can pay that off in just seven posts – making an average of $27,153.00 per post.
    • Number 50 on the list, Boris the Chameleon, makes $334 per post.
    • In West Virginia, top-earning pets can pay off their mortgage in the shortest amount of time (27 posts).
    • It takes the longest time for pet influencers to pay off mortgages in the District of Columbia (103 posts).
    • Juniper, the fox, is the highest-paid among pets that are not cats and dogs, with an average of $8,026.00 per post.

    Read the entire study here.

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