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    Latest Data Study Identifies The Cost Of An “Upscale Date” In 120 Cities Around The World

    Latest Data Study Identifies The Cost Of An “Upscale Date” In 120 Cities Around The World

    Upgraded Points, a leading U.S. air travel industry-watcher site, has released details of their latest data study on 120 cities around the world.

    For this study, an upscale date consisted of dinner for two including wine, tickets to the theater, after-theater drinks, and full transportation to all venues. A total of 120 cities in the United States and abroad were included in the analysis.

    Using aggregated data available from Expatistan and Numbeo, costs for a 3-course dinner including wine, 2 of the better-quality seats at a theater, 2 drinks at a bar and the total expected outlay for transportation were calculated and ranked by expense level.

    The “Hidden” Cost of Traveling

    According to Alex Miller, owner of, inexperienced travelers often fail to consider the costs associated with socializing and entertainment when calculating their travel budgets:

    “We wanted to include this data study on our site because experienced travelers know that entertainment venue costs can vary enormously from one location to another. Many travelers make the mistake of looking only at their costs for flight and lodging. But anywhere you travel you are going to be eating, and for couples especially they need to carefully consider the expense of going to the theater, plays, restaurants, and bars. You can shop wisely for travel and save a bundle – then blow your budget once you arrive and start having a good time.”

    The Most Expensive — and Least Expensive — Night Out Worldwide

    Not surprisingly, New York City was found to be the most expensive location to have that upscale date – a whopping $565.56 total cost, which is $100 more than the number-two slot: Boston, Massachusetts, which came in at $424.88.

    The third expensive was the city of Zurich, Switzerland ($424.88), a common destination for travelers because of its importance in the international financial and business community. Another well-known city, San Francisco, came in fourth in the rankings ($422.80), while another California city took 5th place: San Diego, which due to the high cost of theater tickets had a total cost of $408.88.

    For couples looking to economize on their socializing, the five least expensive cities were found to be the city of Tunis, in Tunisia on the Mediterranean, with a calculated cost of $71.86, followed by Manilla in the Philippines ($71.16), Algiers the coastal capital of Algeria ($70.62), Belgrade in Serbia ($69.60), and the least expensive of all: Alexandria, Egypt with an extremely low cost of $64.38.

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