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    Travel Italian Style With Cassandra Santoro

    Travel Italian Style With Cassandra Santoro

    Italy is one of the best countries in the world to visit!

    Every year hundreds of thousands of people flock there to see the Pope, the Sistine Chapel, The Colosseum, The Pantheon, and of course, the beautiful Amalfi Coast. But there is so much more to see!

    Getto know Italy like a native! Travel Italian Style creates life-changing trips customized to the clients’ wishes. Whether it’s personal trip planning or a small group tour, each trip is unique and unforgettable. Travel Italian Style specializes in tours through Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi Coast, and is among the first to feature tours of Puglia, Sicily, and Sardegna.

    Just ask Cassandra Santoro, the Founder and CEO of Travel Italian Style, which creates life-changing trips customized to the clients’ wishes. Whether it’s personal trip planning or a small group tour, each trip is unique and unforgettable.]


    Cassandra has the inside scoop for the up-and-coming locations in Italy that you must visit in 2017!

    Her top picks?

    • Puglia is the place to visit this year. I know you have heard it before, but my advice is to head to the heel of the ‘boot” & the heart of authentic Italy in 2017 before the crowds come rolling in. With the Baroque architecture of Lecce, the fairytale village of Alberobello, white sand beaches with pristine water, and streets lined with olive groves, there will be plenty to see and discover during your visit.
    • If you are passing through the Amalfi Coast why not try switching up the itinerary and exploring the nearby islands of Ischia, Procida, or even the city center of Naples. From castles to secret wineries to an underground city, you will be surprised and awed by the beauty and culture around you. While visiting the Campania region don’t forget to take a boat ride to Capri, shop for hand-made ceramics, take a day to hike the cliffs, and, of course, reward yourself with the true Napolitano pizza!
    • For those who are planning their return to Italy and are looking for a new adventure, try vacationing with the Italian’s on the eco-friendly island of Sardinia or the beautiful beaches of Calabria. Both locations have grown in popularity due to their consistent warm, sunny weather and wonderful cuisine. They both are also well known for where you may catch Italian celebrities cruising around the city on a Vespa.

    A Little About Cassandra Santoro

    As a Sicilian-American, Italian travel expert Cassandra Santoro’s attachment to Italy started early. After her father’s untimely passing from cancer, she moved to Florence and found the true meaning of la dolce vita. Since living and working abroad, she has led countless tours, obtained her dual-citizenship and started Travel Italian Style in order to share the joys of the Italian good life with others. As a personalized trip planner and luxury small group tour operator, Cassandra is known for creating slow-travel, authentic, and enriching travel vacations for those passionate about their Italian heritage, dreaming of traveling Italy like a local or looking to find themselves through travel.

    Travel Italian Style now offers small group women-based luxury tours as well as her newest venture, travel therapy.  As a young woman herself, Cassandra knows the therapeutic effect travel can have, and through these tours, she would like women who are going through a traumatic experience or just need a little break – to feel safe to travel in a supportive environment.

    Cassandra says, “I believe travel promotes new outlooks, helps you build character, and gives you incredible experiences that can change your life. Travel Italian Style was created with this notion, and I am so excited to reach women around the world and help them grow and evolve with their travel and within themselves.”

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    • Carol Whatley Maille
      April 7, 2019

      Hi Cassandra my daughter in law, Amy Hoffmann, from Pooler, Georgia referred you to us all as we are planning a trip to Italy for two weeks the End of June to first week in July of 2020. We want to visit some cousins in near Naples. It is the Castagnetti family one hour outside Naples and it is the town of Montefusco and in the Aveliano area. Can you help us out with this tour of Italy we want to visit Rome and Venice also???

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