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    Unique Charm of Españolita Trips

    Unique Charm of Españolita Trips

    In October 2017, Españolita Trips hosted their first retreat in Mallorca, Spain.

    This article will allow you to discover the unique features of Spain, Spanish culinary traditions, Mediterranean islands, experiential travel, and more.

    The 8 day/7 night itinerary is a full immersion into the Spanish way of life and includes:

    – local farmers market trips & cooking workshops on traditional Mallorquin cooking
    – guided tours through private estates and gardens to bask in the Tramuntana mountains
    – a day at sea in an antique vessel
    – a hands-on ceramics workshop and much more

    Behind a rusty closed gate, and up an unpaved path surrounded by crooked trees, there lies an overgrown garden. Beyond it, a beautiful rustic house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea where a wood oven is being prepared for dinner to be served on a long table under the grapevines as soon as the sun sets.

    Combining unique charm, a quest for hidden gems, warm hospitality and scenes of beauty to be explored, Españolita carefully tailors unique travel experiences throughout Spain to inquisitive and discerning travelers.

    I will open that old gate for you, and entertain you in the most enchanting homes while sharing my very particular version of Spain through the exploration of food and culture. With a strong sense of slow living, while enjoying simple life pleasures, Españolita Trips aims to inspire you, ignite your passions and fuel your creativity while you gather memories to take back home.

    If you have a sense of wanderlust, and an appreciation for beauty, these trips are for you. Here is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and experience first-hand the enriching Spanish lifestyle.

    Together, people will embrace the healthy habits of locals, sample cooking, and engage in wine tastings, while visiting private estates which unravel the magic Spain has to offer. We will take you to places you have never seen, off the beaten path, and we will explore exquisite locations, only usually familiar to locals.

    Every trip will have a specific subject of focus, and for which I will partner with local connoisseurs, be ranging from culinary ambassadors and chefs to creative entrepreneurs, and other travel specialists. These experts will help our travel groups to get a feeling they are never missing out on any secret spots

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