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    2023’s Best Cities For Sandwich Lovers

    2023’s Best Cities For Sandwich Lovers

    Whether you like to go gourmet or stick to the classic PB&J, sandwiches are the best option when you need a quick meal.

    So, where in the U.S. can you find a standout sammich? To mark National Sandwich Day on Nov. 3, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Sandwich Lovers. We looked for cities with plenty of high-quality sandwich shops and award-winning sandwiches. We also measured residents’ cravings through Google searches for sandwich-related terms. Check out the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for sandwich lovers below, followed by key insights from our report. (See where your city ranks.)

    Best Cities for Sandwich Lovers

    1. New York, NY
    2. New Orleans, LA
    3. Washington, DC
    4. St. Louis, MO
    5. San Francisco, CA
    6. Boston, MA
    7. Philadelphia, PA
    8. Orlando, FL
    9. Las Vegas, NV
    10. Miami, FL

    Worst Cities for Sandwich Lovers

    1. Paterson, NJ
    2. Mesquite, TX
    3. Chula Vista, CA
    4. San Bernardino, CA
    5. Fontana, CA
    6. Pasadena, TX
    7. Midland, TX
    8. Carrollton, TX
    9. Killeen, TX
    10. Irving, TX

    Key Insights

    Deli Meat on the Move: Big and busy cities are full of beloved spots to grab a speedy sandwich. Whether you’re craving bagels, Reubens, bahn mis, or tortas, you can find them in New York. NYC takes first place overall, with the highest sandwich Quality and Interest out of all the cities in our ranking.

    Quick eats are also popular in professional hubs like Washington (No. 3) and San Francisco (No. 5). Sandwich artists are abundant in the Golden City, which has the most sandwich shops per square mile. Washington has the second highest Access.

    Sandwich Sovereigns: Some cities have a lasting lunchtime legacy from being home to some of America’s most iconic sandwiches. The Big Easy, for one, loves big, easy meals. The muffaletta and po’boy got their start in New Orleans (No. 2). Tourists and locals alike adore these sandwiches, bringing Crescent (Roll) City’s Quality to second place.

    Panera Bread traces its roots to St. Louis (No. 4), which still serves up Quality (No. 5) lunches, including its signature St. Paul sandwich and fried brain sandwich.

    You can’t beat a true Philly cheesesteak from Philadelphia (No. 7). Philly is also known for its Italian hoagies and roast pork sandwiches. Three delicious bucket-list bites bring high Quality (No. 3) to the City of (Bread)erly Love.

    Holding Out for a Hero: Texans need sandwiches — stat! Lone Star cities lack sandwich stops, with only two out of 26 Texas cities ranking above average in Access. Sure, there are plenty of places to grab quality BBQ and tortas, but that still doesn’t match the hunger of these sprawling cities.

    Texas Triangle cities are especially hungry for grab-and-go grub. Houston (No. 37), Dallas (No. 38), and San Antonio (No. 45) have high Interest, placing just below New York in the number of Google searches for nearby sandwich shops in the past year.

    The full ranking and analysis are available HERE.

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