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    RCSLA Visits Beautiful Senegal Just In Time For Black History Month

    RCSLA Visits Beautiful Senegal Just In Time For Black History Month

    Last month, LA-based luxury brand and studio RCSLA visited Senegal to shoot beautiful photos and videos, just in time for Black History Month.

    RCSLA is a fashion brand and creative studio influenced by tribes and cultures. All this is showcased in their recent Senegal photoshoot surrounded by the nation’s stunning beauty.

    Los Angeles-based fashion brand RCSLA is increasingly well known for its fusion of traditional and modern influences to produce pieces and collections that are unique, while still resonating in a deep, powerful way.

    In exciting news, the brand recently took the opportunity to visit the land of RCSLA head designer Moustapha Ndiaye’s roots, in Senegal. A full photo and video shoot took place both in Dakar and in the remarkable car-free island of Goree, off of Dakar’s coast. Goree is a UNESCO world heritage site known for its role in the 15th to 19th century Atlantic slave trade.

    The photoshoot and new video have been released for Black History Month, which RCSLA strongly endorses and supports. Early feedback for the new photoshoot and video has been very enthusiastic.

    Ndiaye is a devoted traveler in addition to his passion for fashion and design. So far, this love has taken him to over 20 countries, with most bringing in inspirational ideas that have helped enhance both his life and work.

    “This trip to Senegal was a very powerful experience,” commented Ndiaye. “As a Senegalese-American, Senegal is important to me and influences my work. But to also spend time on Goree and to think about what many of our ancestors went through in the slave trade is a moving experience. Senegal is my heritage and my source of inspiration.”

    A part of RCSLA’s mission has been a rebellion against large corporate brands that have exploited African materials and styles while not fairly compensating the native people providing the materials fairly. RCSLA has worked hard to do the opposite with remarkable results not just in quality, but also in the positive relationships the brand has established in America, Africa, and beyond.

    The luxury brand’s latest collection can be explored and ordered directly from its online store. New choices, styles, and colors are added quite frequently along with links to the company’s latest photo shoots and other eye-opening adventures.

    Check out the video documenting the trip, featuring the music of Meta Dia, and explore the brand’s stunning photoshoot.

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