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    The Singapore Elite

    The Singapore Elite

    All of the pictures taken here are representative of my time in Singapore, models happened to be my very close friends, their names are Claire Matthews and Sophie Rutherford. they’re not professional models or even signed for that fact but that never stopped me from trying to capture the Beautiful emotion that they inspire. all the photos here are a series of snaps taken around Singapore, none of the pictures are set up professionally. all of the pictures are also lit with only the natural light that we could find. in terms of styling all the styling was done by the models themselves.

    The idea and inspiration behind these photos is to show how the elite kids of Singapore play. Singapore as a whole is a very rich Nation, however to the locals of Singapore we are seen merely as peacocks. Beautiful to look at but very difficult to get close to. I wanted to try and express myself in a lot of these pictures, I went back to my roots as a photographer and I tried my hand with film photography.

    One of the most important things to me in this series is not focusing on trying to mould the way my models look or Express themselves. I really wanted to get to the heart of their “vibe” and aesthetic. All of the pictures are merely a reflection of how they see themselves. From a dark grunge to an aesthetic esque black and white. I focused mostly on portraits as I thought it was the best way to shine Lights of the emotions that they convey. one of the things I loved most about doing this is the fact that I was able to show the world who they are as a person. – Max Mattioli

    Photographer/Creative Director: Max Mattioli | IG: @_max.mattioli_/


    Claire Matthews | IG: @clairexmatthews

    Sophie Rutherford IG | @spicy_sophs

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    The Singapore Elite…

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