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    4 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog Without A Professional Trainer

    4 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog Without A Professional Trainer

    Dogs are one of the most popular pets among people.

    One of the joys of being a dog owner is teaching it various tricks.

    This is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Teaching your dog new tricks keeps dogs engaged with their owners from a physical and mental standpoint. Besides, teaching dogs new tricks is a great way to spend quality time with your dog that involves variety and fun. Regardless of age, dogs can learn new tricks depending on the complexity.

    Even though dogs can learn new tricks call mom, it is helpful and critical that they learned basic commands that demonstrate obedience. Once your dog masters the fundamentals, the process, and concept of teaching them new tricks is relatively seamless and straightforward. According to most dog owners and trainers, teaching dogs new tricks should not be that time intensive. Up to two times per day is the general rule of thumb, and these individual sessions should not last longer than 10 minutes. These require cooperation not only from the dog but from the owner as well.

    It’s important that the owner is in good spirits and is willing to be patient with their dogs in teaching them these new tricks. Owners who are in a good mood are more likely to use discipline methods more effectively than upset or distraught owners. In terms of negative feedback, it’s important two not become frustrated with your dog during the trick training process or to lash out physically. These can have long-term negative effects on the dog.

    We strongly recommend taking online dog training courses before you start training your dog. There are several online dog trainers out there, who’re making top-notch content, like Steffi Trott from SpiritDog Training for example, click here to read more about their courses.

    That said, here are 4 great tricks that are super easy to teach for your dog.

    Roll Over

    One of the most basic and popular dog tricks is the rollover position. The first step is to put your dog in a down position, which means that their belly should be touching the ground. Once the dog has their belly on the ground, the owner should have a tree or a positive reinforcement in their hand. The next step is to try to get your dog, without standing up, to rotate its head in a backward manner.

    Once this has taken place, the next step that meshes with this is to get the dog to follow the tree in your hand in a manner that results in a natural rollover sequence. This may take a few tries, but if done correctly, the dog should learn these commands.

    If the dog does complete the rollover trick, the owner should positively praise the dog by giving the dog the tree and positive reinforcement and praise. If instructed properly by their owners, most dogs should be able to pick up on this trick within a 5 to 10-minute window. Again, you will not always need a professional to get your dog trained. If you have the time and willingness to stick to it with your dogs, you should be noticing good results within a few weeks. However, consulting and reading insightful guides from the most skilled trainers, like the ones you can find on this web page will help you ease the process.


    The next trick that is popular with dogs and dog owners is the shake trick. The first step in performing this trick properly is to get your dog in a sitting position. Next, the owner should have a treat in their hand, and it should start to move it towards the floor near the paw slowly. Next, the owner should give a verbal command shake. The dog should shake the owner’s hand, and if this occurs, give your dog positive reinforcement.

    Once completed the first time, The owner should try to get the dog to raise the paw higher and higher in a gradual manner. A critical thing to remember is to use the same paw repeatedly so that it is easier for the dog to pick up. If you try to develop both paws too soon, the dog might lose interest, and the trick’s development might not progress as it should. Once the dog has mastered apart in particular, it becomes feasible to switch to another.

    High Five

    A popular trick that predicates and builds off of the shake command is the high five trick. The owner should begin with steps that are necessary and similar to the shake command. Please start with the shape command steps to hold their palm out; their dog should incline to touch their palm.


    Once the dog touches the palm, the owner should raise his hand in command high 5. If the dog touches the palm, the owner should immediately give the dog positive reinforcement. The overall theme and goal are to get the dog to raise their paw as high as their body allows.


    The speak command is a great command that can bond an owner and their dog. As it is known, the speak command is largely predicated on whether the dog is quiet or vocal, to begin with. If the dog is on the quieter side, the owner should make it an effort to get their dog excited, form, or fashion. Once the dog is excited and a little more vocal, the owner should put their dog in a sitting position and treat their nose. The owner should keep the treat close to the dog without actually giving it to the dog.

    After an extended period of not getting the treat, the dog is naturally inclined to cry or whine. This is part of the speak command; Once the dog makes a vocal noise of some type, the owner should give the dog the tree.


    In conclusion, these various dog tricks are a great way for the owner and the dog to bond. It keeps both the dog and the owner engaged and is a great way to build a relationship. Dog tricks of various kinds, most importantly, keep the dog mentally and physically stimulated and challenged.

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