6 Tips On How To Start A Sustainable Lifestyle In 2021

    The word is out: living a sustainable lifestyle is in. And it’s not just a trend! People are now drawn into living these environment-friendly lifestyles for good.

    Aside from the fact that self-sustaining options are more accessible, today’s generation is just more concerned about the welfare of the world as well. Want to make that green leap as well? Here’s how you can do it.

    Grow your own produce

    You’re probably used to buying your vegetables and fruits from the grocery. During this pandemic, a lot of people developed a hobby of growing plants in their house because they now have the time to do so. Instead of planting flowers and decorative plants, you should consider planting your own produce as well.

    In truth, you don’t need a farm to grow your own produce. As per experts from Whole People, some but not all of the stuff you buy at groceries can actually be grown in your backyard. We’re talking about goods like tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggplants, and many other produce. You can even easily grow your own herbs if you want to.

    You might be hesitant to do it at first, as you believe that you don’t have a green thumb. What you should know is that during the pandemic, a lot of people learned how to grow plants easily. It does take some practice but once you get the hang of it, you can do your own grocery shopping in your backyard.

    Don’t support companies with bad practices

    SRI, or Socially Responsible Investing, refers to the practice of supporting companies that showcase good practices and concern for social issues. Even if you aren’t investing, you can show your support for companies that have sustainable practices.

    Most importantly, you should avoid being patrons of companies that have been doing no good with regard to social issues.

    Instead of patronizing these companies, look for startups that are actually looking to bring change into the world. A lot of young entrepreneurs are introducing eco-friendly solutions that lessen the impact we leave on the environment. These startups deserve your support more than companies that do harm.

    Be more responsible with water

    A single household can waste gallons of water per year. You’ve heard it again and again, but it’s always worth reminding others to be more responsible with water. This can be done through simple actions, such as turning off the faucet when it’s not needed while washing the dishes, and even reusing the water you use to wash your clothes as a means to wash your car.

    Donate unused items

    Stop being a hoarder, and learn to dispose of the stuff that you don’t need. These items that you no longer use are just going to be wasted if you throw them away. Instead of throwing them out, it’s much better to donate them instead. What’s useless to you can still be useful to others.

    Items like old clothes, shoes, furniture, and even gadgets can be donated to charities nationwide. You’re going to make someone else happy through donating.

    Stop using plastics!

    When going green, one of the first things that people will tell you to start doing is avoiding plastics and other single-use containers. It has been scientifically proven that plastics leave a lasting impact on the environment and the wildlife that thrives in it. As such, it’s a must that you avoid using these as well.

    There are many eco-friendly groceries that allow you to use reusable containers when buying their products. These include refills for shampoos and other liquid products. Alternatively, always opt to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. You can also buy an eco bag to use when grocery shopping as well.

    Aside from ridding the environment of unnecessary plastic waste, you are also reducing the amount of waste you can produce.

    Reduce your meat consumption

    It takes a lot more resources to grow livestock as compared to growing produce. As such, you should reduce your meat consumption if you want to live a sustainable lifestyle. Aside from vegetables and fruits, you can also opt to buy vegan alternatives as well. For now, vegan meat is usually more pricey but as more technology is put into this industry, such products will become cheaper.

    Living sustainably has benefits for you and the environment. It used to be a tough thing to do decades ago. However, the emergence of eco-friendly options, promising socially responsible businesses, and greener alternatives have made it much easier to go green.

    It’s never too late to start living sustainably, but it’s best that you start now!

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