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    7 Ways To Find Great Books To Read

    7 Ways To Find Great Books To Read

    Reading a good book can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to pass the time, but it can also help you learn new things or escape from reality for a while.

    There are so many great books available these days that finding one to read can sometimes feel like too much work when you just want to relax or entertain yourself. There are many people who have a hard time finding great books to read.

    A lot of readers say they don’t know where to start and they just end up getting frustrated and giving up on the whole pursuit. Luckily, there is hope!

    The following 7 ways will help you find good books that match your interests:

    1) Ask For Recommendations

    A great way to find a book that you will enjoy is to ask people who have similar interests or tastes in books. You can do this by joining a book club, asking your friends, family members, and co-workers for their suggestions, or even participating in an online community of readers where other like-minded individuals post their favorite titles. You could also check out the best sellers list to see what others are reading and then try to find similar books. Besides standard books, you can also find an audiobook if you want to listen to the story rather than read it yourself. Audiobooks are great when you are driving, working out, or doing chores around the house.

    2) Use A Book Finder Tool

    If you have a specific topic or genre in mind, there are many online book finder tools that can help you locate the perfect title for you. These tools allow you to narrow down your search by specifying things like the author’s name, the title of the book, or the subject matter. And if you want a quick summary of the book before you commit to reading it, you can use this great tool for book summaries and quotes.

    One great book finder tool is This site has over 90 million members and allows you to track what you are reading, rate and review books, and join online book clubs with other readers who have similar interests. Using this site, you can also find new book suggestions based on what your friends and other readers are reading. You can even set up a weekly email alert that lets you know about the best deals for new books.

    3) Visit Local Bookstore

    Another great way to find good books to read is to visit your local bookstore. This is a great place to find new and interesting titles that you may not have heard of before. You can also talk to the bookstore employees about what they are reading and get some recommendations. If you are looking for a specific type of book, such as a cookbook or a children’s book, the bookstore is the best place to find it. When you visit your local bookstore, be sure to take a few minutes and peruse the shelves. You may find some new titles that you didn’t know existed and they will soon become part of your book collection.

    4) Visit A Library

    Libraries are also great places to go when you want to find good books to read. Not only can you find all the new popular titles, but you can also borrow books to take home with you. This is a great way for avid readers to save money because they don’t need to buy every book that they want to read. Instead, they can borrow them for free and usually return them when another title in their list becomes available.

    Libraries also have audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers available for checkout. This is a great way to keep up with the latest news and current events.

    5) Join A Book Club

    Being a part of a book club is not only a great hobby, but it can also help you discover good books to read. If you are in a close-knit group of friends or family members who enjoy reading, starting your own book club may be the perfect way for everyone in the household to share their favorite titles with each other. When you’re a part of a book club, you meet to discuss the latest books together so everyone can share their thoughts. This is also an easy way for all members of the group to learn about each other’s likes and dislikes in books, which will allow them to recommend better titles in the future.

    Book clubs are also a great way to meet new people who have similar interests. There are many online book clubs that you can join, or you can find one in your local community.

    6) Watch Book Trailers And Reviews On YouTube

    If you are having trouble finding good books to read, you can always find some new titles on YouTube. Many authors and other publishing professionals use the site to post videos that discuss their latest book releases or to talk about what they like to read in their free time. If you want to be alerted when certain types of books are released, make sure you subscribe to the author’s channel. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest releases.

    7) Head for Obvious Classics

    Finally, if you are really struggling to find good books to read, it’s always a safe bet to stick with the classics. There are so many timeless titles that are perfect for any reader, and you can usually find them at your local library or bookstore. Classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, and 1984 are great examples of books that will always be popular. Even if you usually stick to the latest and most popular titles, it’s a good idea to try and read at least one classic per year. You never know when you might find a new favorite book from another era that is perfect for your reading tastes.

    It can be hard to find great books, but there are plenty of ways that you can do it. Whether you want a new release or something classic and timeless like Harry Potter, the options here should help get your reading back on track. If reading isn’t your thing and you’re more interested in listening to books, check out the wonderful things audiobooks can do for your health, career, and more.

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    • Elisa
      July 1, 2022

      Thanks for your advice, usually I find the top 100 book lists and take something from there or just ask friends for advice. Sometimes I’m looking for something more specific like Spiritual Laws You Must Know, which helps me understand myself and achieve more in life.

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