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    All You Need To Know About Advanced Bidets

    All You Need To Know About Advanced Bidets

    With growing demands for bidets, most people get stranded to get a regular bidet or an advanced one.

    Well, it all depends on the use. If you need more comfort and features, an advanced bidet is better compared to a normal one.

    All in all, they all offer the same goal. You should get a regular bidet if you are working on a small budget, and if your account allows, you can get an advanced one full of state-of-the-art features.

    This article will highlight some of the things you need to know concerning the advanced bidet. Let’s jump right in.

    What Are The Advanced Bidets?

    Advanced bidets are the standard bidets, but with additional features. Mostly, these bidets come with advanced features for comfortability and ease of use. They are classy and make your bathroom look advanced and expensive.

    Some of the features available for these bidets include automatic lead opening and closing, timed water discharge, led-lights for night use, adjustable water temperature, adjustable spray position and width, and many more features. They are a bit expensive and come customized from the factory. You only need to connect it to power and the water source from a reliable supply.

    They Require Electricity To Be Effective

    The advanced bidets require electricity. The reason is that advanced features such as lighting, temperature control, automatic lead opening, and closing require power to function. They need to get connected to a source of energy, the standard 120V used in households. A Brondell Swash bidet will require a socket in your bathroom for them to operate.

    If you don’t have a ready socket, you can create an extension that will extend to the bidet for it to work correctly. Most bidets power cords extend from the back-left side, and they are approximately four feet long. You can get an electrician to fix it for you if you can’t fix it by yourself.

    No Need For A Plumber If You Have Modern Toilets

    The answer to this question will be no and yes, and here are the reasons; If your bathroom is straightforward with a ready socket and has a modern toilet bowl, then you can do it by yourself in less than 30 minutes. All installation materials come with the equipment and include a bidet hose pipe, a T-Valve, and the mount kit installed at the toilet seat. They always come with instructions for installation. Now, if your toilet is the old one, with no refined water source or electricity, you need to contact a plumber who will change the toilet seat before fixing other essentials required for the advanced bidet. This process should be simple and won’t take much of the time and money.

    You Don’t Require A Hot Water Connection

    There is no need to have a hot water connection for an advanced bidet. The reason is that the bidets come equipped with an internal water heating system that heats the water from the main supply before use. It uses an automatic tankless water heating system, which provides warm water according to the set temperature. You need to connect the bidet to the main water line and plug it into a power source. The water gets heated automatically. Connecting it to a hot water system may damage the equipment, creating unnecessary losses. Read the installation manual to understand how everything needs to get connected.

    Advanced Features Are Not Hard To Use

    An advanced bidet is not hard to use. Its use corresponds to the regular bidet. Most of its features get operated through remote control, like managing your TV and other appliances. You only need to press the right buttons for it to work effectively. If it’s washing, you can regulate the amount of water and its temperatures through the remote. According to individuals who have installed it, using a remote makes this equipment’s operation easier than they thought it to be.

    Cleaning The Closet

    Cleaning the closet is very simple, and anyone can do it. You can clean the toilet bowl usually and then use a soft cloth and soap to clean the bidet’s surfaces. You need to avoid using chemicals and rigid materials since they can corrode and damage the equipment. The seats also come with a sterilization feature that sterilizes the equipment after use. You need to keep the sterilization nozzle in a good state by cleaning it regularly.

    We hope we have enlightened you concerning some things you didn’t know about advanced bidets. They aren’t different as compared to the standard bidets. Only the features differ. Ensure you get the best quality of the equipment that you can use for a long time without regrets. If you aren’t sure of the best, get expert help or check online reviews.

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