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    Everything You Need To Know About The Service Engine Soon Light

    Everything You Need To Know About The Service Engine Soon Light

    Is your vehicle’s service engine soon light on? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to get started.

    If you own a vehicle, then you must be aware of all the warning lights from its electronic control module. One of the most important indicator lights is the “service engine soon” light. But does the light mean danger? What causes the light to appear?

    The first step is to figure out why the light is coming on. Once you know the exact reason, you can treat it accordingly. So let us find out the reasons and remedies for the service engine soon light.

    What is the Service Engine Soon Light?

    As the name suggests, the service engine soon light or the engine service light means your vehicle is warning you that the engine needs servicing soon. You will be astonished to hear that the light can trigger from the simplest of issues like misplaced gas caps.

    If you see the light appearing on the dashboard in the middle of your journey, then you can stop and take a few simple checks to see if something small is the culprit. If you can’t detect the issue or don’t have any automotive knowledge, then make an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible. The problem could be something catastrophic or something quick and easy. So it is better to get the car checked before any part gets damaged.

    What Causes The Service Engine Soon Light To Turn On?

    The light can indicate a problem with the vehicle’s engine which requires attention. But there can be some other issues associated with the symbol, too, other than engine troubles. Let us see some other causes.

    1. Low Oil

    As we know, engines need oil to perform at their optimal level. The engine oil helps the components of the engine to work with lubrication. So when the oil level drops below a certain point due to a lack of oil pressure, the engine and its components cannot perform at their best. Therefore, it triggers the service engine soon light.

    1. Spark Plug Problem

    Faulty spark plugs are one of the few reasons why the service engine soon light might appear on your vehicle’s dashboard. We know that spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber. Therefore, when the spark plugs get faulty, it leads to many issues, such as increased fuel consumption, misfiring, black smoke emission, starting problems, etc. All this can lead to the lighting up of the service engine soon light.

    1. Oxygen Sensors

    While spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture, the oxygen sensor balances out the ratio. Hence, when the oxygen sensors get faulty, it leads to issues like poor engine performance, high fuel consumption, etc. And when these problems take place, the service engine soon light will be on.

    1. Catalytic Converter Problem

    The catalytic converter is made to last for a lifetime. Its work is to detoxify the harmful emission from the vehicle that is released into the environment. If your car has a low-quality catalytic converter, it can wear out; as a result, the engine can malfunction. This will trigger the service engine soon light.

    1. Fuel Filler Cap Problem

    The fuel filler cap keeps the fuel tank closed. When there are issues with the cap, or it has simply gone bad, it can no longer keep the tank airtight. As a result, oil leaks lead to increased fuel consumption and a drop in mileage. The car’s electronic control module detects these changes and triggers the service engine soon light.

    1. Car Service Alert

    As we know, every car requires routine maintenance to keep its performance optimal. If you don’t service the car after a certain mileage usage or in a given amount of time, then the car will remind you by showing the service engine soon light on its dashboard.

    1. Mass Air Flow Sensor Issues

    The mass airflow sensor detects and decides how much fuel the vehicle pumps to its engine according to the amount of air the engine gets. The mass air flow sensor constantly notes this information to the car’s electronic control module.

    When it gets damaged, it can no longer put the info in the module. As a result, the car starts to face some issues like hard starting, failed brakes, etc., and the service engine soon light will come on.

    What to Do if the Service Engine Soon Light Appears

    The service engine soon light can be fixed once you detect the problem and fix it. For this, you can either do some DIY if you have enough car-related knowledge or get help from an expert.


    For DIY, in the initial inspection, you can check whether the fuel filler cap is misplaced or damaged. Turn off your car and take off the cap to look for signs of damage before tightening it again. After tightening, start your car to see if the light appears again or not. If you see any damage or leaks, then you should get it changed as early as possible.

    Another way of getting rid of the light is by checking the oil levels, as this is a common reason for the light appearing.

    When to See an Expert

    Dealing with a car’s internal component issue is not as easy as removing a scratch on your car. It requires technical knowledge and expertise. If you see other symptoms or change in the performance of the car along with the service engine soon light, then take it to a mechanic immediately. Although it may sound costly, you can save money in the long run by addressing the problem early.

    Final Thought

    If the service engine soon light comes on, don’t panic; your automobile isn’t about to die. Instead, get it inspected and maintained. If a major problem is left undetected for too long, it may worsen.

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