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    Finding The Inspiration & Motivation To Quit That Job For Good

    Finding The Inspiration & Motivation To Quit That Job For Good

    There’s a prevailing feeling that quitting a job is usually done because of some problem on behalf of the business.

    Perhaps your manager is a little much, or you’ve encountered issues with your payroll, or you just didn’t like the work or the people who worked there. But really, quitting a job like this is easier than anything else. You quit, you leave, and before you know it, you find another placement. But actually, the jobs that are comfortable, pleasant enough, decently paying and that you’re just fine with are often the hardest to quit.

    After all, you might want to progress forward, but the comfort has made it hard to do thus far. Or, maybe you’re just to comfortable and, understandably, are worried about becoming unemployed and missing out on that essential paycheck.

    Finding the inspiration and motivation to quit that job for good isn’t always easy, but whatever your reason, here’s how to start:

    Have Something, Anything Lined Up

    This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have another full-time job lined up (although that would be nice). You could consider part-time work, freelancing, or even a passion project you’ve been wanting to pursue. Maybe you know you have regional truck driving jobs to hand and are in the process of licensing for it. Having a plan, even if it’s not perfect, can give you a sense of direction and ease some of the anxiety about leaving your comfortable job. Softening your fall makes taking that jump easier.

    Commit To A Date & Prepare For It

    Just having a date you know you’ll give your notice can be a good place to start and motivate you to finally take that plunge. Once you’ve picked a date, you may want to start preparing both mentally and practically. This could involve saving up some extra money, updating your CV, or even starting to network in your desired field to dip a toe or two in. As the date approaches, you might find yourself getting more excited about the change, which can help counteract any last-minute doubts.

    Avoid Unnecessary Obligation & Apology

    When it’s time to actually quit for good, you might feel tempted to over-explain or apologize for your decision. This is especially true if you’re on good terms with the people in your office or place of work. But remember, you don’t owe anyone more than a professional, courteous resignation, and you’re not being inconvenient to anyone for doing that. It’s okay to keep things simple and straightforward in line with this.

    You could say something like, “I’ve decided to pursue other opportunities,” without going into all the details. This approach can help you keep those good relationships and get a good reference while also setting clear boundaries. It’s your career, after all, and you’re the one who needs to make the best decisions for yourself.

    With this advice, you’ll be certain to find the inspiration and motivation to quit that job for good and move forward with a real sense of confidence to boot. Good luck on your journey!

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