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Let's Get Social Announces New Professional Instructions On How To Cut Hair At Home Announces New Professional Instructions On How To Cut Hair At Home

    Professional haircutting instructor Steven Woodham has been teaching how to cut hair for over 20 years.

    His full-length video tutorial along with accompanying workbook is now available online

    With many Americans remaining at home during the current pandemic, a master barber and hairstylist in Surprise, Ariz. has come up with a concept that teaches people how to cut hair at home in a complete package that includes a full-length video, a companion pdf workbook, and the best state of art ‘gold standard’ of scissors which are the finest money can buy.

    This new concept can save parents-especially parents with large families-a lot of money by no longer having to take their children to the barbershop or beauty salon.

    “Say goodbye to paying high prices at barbershops and salons. Protect your family from exposure to COVID-19. Now you can cut hair at home like a pro. The video is guaranteed to teach you how to cut any style of hair. The secrets that professionals use are all here in this easy to understand full-length video,” says Steven Woodham.

    “This master class will teach you everything you need to know to save a lot of money by doing haircuts at home. Imagine how much you could save by cutting your friends and family’s hair at home,” he said.

    Scissors are the most essential tool for haircutting. Woodham has used special scissors for many years and emphasizes that the ones he offers are the best in the haircutting profession. “One important fact is that these scissors are razor sharp and have serrated blades. What this means is that there are tiny notches in the cutting blade that grasp whatever hair that slips. The result is a cleaner, smoother more precise cut.”

    He said, “This is a high-quality shear that has a forged steel frame handle and a beveled edge. It is unlike other shears. You have to use one to appreciate it. It is an extremely high-quality shear tempered and ground to perfection to hold a superior cutting edge,” Woodham explained. “The unique scissors boasts a hammered gunmetal 7-inch shank with a finger rest and polished blade made from the finest steel. Woodham describes the scissors as a “soft cutting sheer that cuts with a feel of shaving off hair with a razor.”

    The full-length video tutorial is at length, 75 minutes long. By watching this video you will learn the basic techniques of cutting hair. “Even though different styles and fashions come and go, the fundamental techniques of cutting hair do not change,” says Woodham.

    “Anybody can cut hair,” says Woodham. “All it takes is a dire to do so, practice and most important good instructions which I offer. I have seen nonprofessionals as good as, or in many cases, better than any pro.” is selling the entire package of deluxe scissors, full-length tutorial video, and companion pdf workbook at the site.

    In honor of the terrible pandemic gripping the world, we are offering the pdf workbook file separately at a special price of only $5. There are other products, including scissors and video also available.

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