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    Understanding The Effects of Sun on Hair & The Best Way To Protect It

    Understanding The Effects of Sun on Hair & The Best Way To Protect It

    If you have spent any time in the sun you will appreciate how it can lighten your hair surprisingly quickly.

    This gives you an idea of the power of the sun, specifically its rays. The sun emits UVA and UVB rays. These are the same rays that cause sunburn and lightening your hair color.  But, they are also responsible for damaging your hair.

    How The Sun’s Rays Damage Your Hair

    There are two types of ultraviolet rays. UVA is the radiation from the sun that helps your hair to lose its color. In contrast, UVB rays remove the protein from your hair, which can cause a significant amount of damage. The stronger the sun the more damage it is capable of doing.

    It hits your hair and, after prolonged exposure, they weaken the outer layer of your hair strands. This causes the hair to become dehydrated, making it brittle and easy to break. It can also encourage it to fall out.

    It should be noted that fine hair is more prone to damage, simply because it has a lower amount of protection from the power of the sun. Damage to hair strands can be repaired over time as your hair re-grows and regenerates. But, if you damage the root of your hair, the follicle, it is possible that the hair will be permanently damaged.

    Protecting Your Hair From Sun Damage

    The easiest way to protect your hair from sun damage is to wear a hat whenever you are in the sun. However, while this will block the UV rays and is a good idea, it is not a practical solution all the time. Of course, you can try different hats for different occasions. After all, a wide-brimmed hat will give your face some shade which can also be beneficial. It is even possible to use a sun umbrella to protect your hair.

    Instead, you should focus on purchasing the right products. That means choosing a natural range, such as Redken, and then selecting the products that are most beneficial to your hair. This includes heat protection spray and sun protection. It is easy to apply and can make a huge difference in how the sun affects your hair. In effect, it is a natural block to the UV radiation that is damaging your hair.

    In short, you should look after the products in the range that offer SPF, the higher the better. Another way to protect your hair, where possible, is only to go out in the morning and later in the day. This prevents your hair from being exposed in the brightest and hottest part of the day, which is when the most damage will be done.

    Don’t forget that chlorinated water also dries your hair out. This can increase the damage caused by the sun and is why you should ensure you wear a swim cap in the pool and rinse your hair thoroughly afterward.

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