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    How Can Gardening Help You During This Difficult Time

    How Can Gardening Help You During This Difficult Time

    How can gardening help you through the lockdown?

    Being confined to your home can be difficult, even depressing for some, however if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you should definitely go and enjoy it.

    You’ll be surprised how much stress relief and comfort you can gain from spending some time amongst plants and trees. If you have children, then even better, it’s the perfect way to keep them busy and happy. But how can gardening help you during the lockdown? What are the benefits and what can you do?

    Self-esteem and body image

    A new study has found that gardening is a great way to boost self-esteem and body image. Indeed, this research, conducted by Anglia Ruskin University, suggests “that exposure to natural environments brings real benefits in terms of positive body image”. 

    Moreover, gardening is a great and gentle way to get your body moving during the lockdown. It gives you a reason to go outside every day to take care of your plants or flowers and therefore burn off some energy. You’ll feel like you have accomplished something, and your mood should lift. To know more about gardening read this guide to planting a vegetable garden.

    A new project

    Having something to do during the confinement can really be a lifesaver, staying at home for days on end is unknown territory for most of us… That’s why some people decide to learn a new language, some take up online art classes and others tackle their gardens. 

    If you already have some flowers in your garden and you’re feeling a bit stuck on what to do next, why not plant some vegetables? You can even grow exotic ones such as chillies or avocadoes, however you may need to invest in a polytunnel or a greenhouse for that. Premier Polytunnels offer a vast choice for all your needs. 

    Getting your hands dirty could definitely lift your spirits and make you feel more relaxed.  

    Some fresh air

    Keeping your children entertained during the lockdown can be really difficult. There are only so many TV programmes and crafts you can watch and do in a week. However, a garden, even a small one, is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Gardening with your kids is a nice family bonding activity but it is also great to teach them responsibilities.  

    From a health standpoint, gardening is a good way to use all that extra energy in a positive way. It involves bending, squatting and even lifting, all in all, gardening is a great substitute for PE and even science classes as you could create a little garden lab. 

    There is a reason why we, as humans, love gardening so much. It brings us great joy and is an amazing natural anti-depressant. If you’re feeling depressed and anxious because of the lockdown, you should definitely head to your garden/balcony and grow some wonderful plants and vegetables. You can also rely on Madera arborists for gardening services to help make this process easy for you.

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