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    Parts Of The House That Can Use A Little More Cleaning

    Parts Of The House That Can Use A Little More Cleaning

    It’s always annoying when it’s time to clean our house, but it’s something we have to do regularly to keep the place neat, tidy, and hygienic. However, sometimes people forget or ignore certain parts of the house during their cleaning days.

    That can cause some problems and it wouldn’t be considered a fully clean home if you leave those parts out. So, we’ve come up with a list of hidden nooks and forgettable areas that you might have overlooked when you last cleaned your home.

    Under Your Carpets

    People tend to ignore what’s under their carpet because they think it’s hidden and shouldn’t be an issue. But after years of doing that, you might find a huge buildup of dust, dirt, and possibly insects hiding under there without you noticing. Many people sweep the dust under their carpets and that’s not a good thing at all. So, it’s always a good idea to remove the carpet after you vacuum it, clean the floor under it thoroughly, and then place the carpet back. Give it another round with the vacuum after that because moving it back and forth can bring out some more dust. Try your best to make sure every part of your floor is clean.

    Crawl Space

    Your crawl space is another ignored part of your home that rarely gets cleaned. Usually, it’s a place for storage and keeping belongings locked or hidden away, but you never know what could be lurking in there if it’s left unattended for several years. It could lead to moisture or dampness building up which can attract several insects or ruin your stored items. The expert reviewers at believe that a dehumidifier specifically designed for crawl spaces can solve the humidity issue in these tight areas of your home. A dehumidifier is an efficient machine that can take any dampness or moisture out of the air, preventing it from causing any issues in the future. You should shop around and check different prices and features until you find the right unit that suits your needs.

    Under the Beds and Sofas

    You must be meticulous and never ignore what’s under your beds or sofas. The amount of dust, dirt, or anything else under there can be a serious problem, especially after many years of accumulation. You might find a hidden colony of insects under there that could be slowly eating into the fabric and cushions. Also, if it’s under your bed, the accumulated dust might lead to annoying bug bites that can cause irritation, pain, and allergic reactions. So, remember to move the sofas, vacuum and clean thoroughly, and then position them back. Also, don’t forget about your bed. You should remove your mattress, clean, sweep, and vacuum everything, and then make the bed again as usual. Who knows what you might find under there, maybe you could finally find those headphones you lost a long time ago!


    It’s very important to clean your chandeliers every two or three months at least. It’s very tedious and time-consuming, but it’s necessary to make it look sparkly clean and reduce the dust particles floating in the air. We recommend that you dedicate a day specifically for cleaning your chandeliers because it’s going to be a lot of work. Disassembling every piece of glass or crystal and then cleaning it all is one thing, but reassembling it all back is another story that requires a lot of effort. You could hire some professionals who specialize in chandelier cleaning, but that depends on your budget.

    HVAC Ducts

    Cleaning your HVAC ducts can be a little bit difficult and no one can blame you if you don’t clean it regularly, but you should at least hire some professionals to do it for you every now and then because this system helps regulate the air in your home. Some homes have multiple air conditioners or a central heating/cooling system. So, a buildup of dust there can mean more harmful air particles in the air. Cleaning HVAC ducts every month is crucial for your health.

    Even though most of these parts are hidden, you can’t ignore them for long because it might cause some annoying problems, whether it’s allergies from dust buildup, insects because of dampness, or harmful air particles that could be floating in the room. These should be more than enough reasons for you to take care of those parts that need a little more attention when you clean. It can get a bit overwhelming for some people, but picking a room for each cleaning day can make it a little easier for you.


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