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    What Should Millennials Invest In?

    What Should Millennials Invest In?

    Not all investments are created equal, some are more lucrative than others.

    Millennials, in particular, have shown a great affinity for investment, but they still do not have enough experience to tell good and bad investments apart. This is why many of them think that they should just save their money and steer away from investing it in things they’re interested in, scared of getting ripped off. If this is the case for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Check out the following list to know more about the best things you can invest in as a millennial.

    Old School RuneScape

    Not all of us are interested in stocks, so let’s start our list with something fun: games! If you are a diehard gamer, then you have probably played RuneScape at least once. RuneScape is an online multiplayer RPG released in 2001, and it has somewhat of a cult following. Thanks to its character customization, player-vs-player dynamics, and fantastical settings, this awesome game combines all the classic gaming elements seasoned gamers love. If you’ve enjoyed RuneScape as a child, you can now play Old School RuneScape (OSRS) online with your friends and explore its charming setting for only a ten-dollar subscription fee every month. You can also get competitive prices if you get the 12-month package, which costs $100.

    However, OSRS veterans think that getting gold pieces, the in-game currency, requires a lot of grinding, which may not be feasible if you have a busy schedule. So, you might be tempted to buy gold pieces using real money. While it is a worthwhile investment, the expert gold sellers from point out that you should find a trustworthy website to make your purchase. They recommend that you find a website that offers rewards for loyal customers, delivers the purchased gold quickly, and uses high-level accounts. This way you can enjoy playing your favorite game and acquire the best equipment and skills without getting banned. Plus, if you were to sell your account at some point in the future, the more advanced it is, the more money you are likely to get. So buying OSRS gold is a better investment in more ways than one.


    If games are not your thing, you may want to consider real-life investments like insurance. While it certainly is too early to consider life insurance, you can make use of other kinds of insurance plans that focus more on protecting your property. Buying a house or a car is a very big investment, so you probably want to protect yours at all costs. Homeowners insurance, for instance, is extremely crucial, as it can compensate you if your house ever gets robbed or damaged. Similarly, auto insurance protects your car and covers the cost of any damages that might happen due to accidents, natural disasters, vandalism, or theft. This is why investing in comprehensive insurance plans is important for any millennial; it is never too early to play it safe.


    Calling out all the seasoned, young investors out there! Stocks have been one of the most prominent investment fields for years, and most affluent business owners started their careers by investing in stocks. Generally speaking, as a stockholder, you technically own some of the company’s shares. This is a very easy, not to mention lucrative, way of gaining more money. A 3 Fund Portfolio is a good option because it has a domestic stock, international stock, and a total market index fund, meaning it’s a well-rounded option. Yet, beware; market disruptions can wreak havoc on stocks. So, you might find yourself losing some money in the process.

    Accordingly, you need to find big, stable companies if you want to reap the benefits of your investment. Although you do not need to be a market expert to invest in stocks, having some general knowledge about how everything functions can go a long way towards ensuring that you earn more than you lose.

    A Small Business

    Establishing yourself as a successful entrepreneur might be your dream if you are sick of taking orders and want to take the helm. Well, the good news is that your dream is not far-fetched at all because many millennials have already succeeded in setting up their own profitable small businesses. To set up yours, choose a field that you are familiar with and, most importantly, one that you are interested in. Then, if you have enough savings, you can use them as your capital. This, however, may not be feasible for many millennials. So instead, you can apply for a loan that you will pay back later on when your business takes off.

    As a millennial, you should be careful with your money and the things you choose to invest in, as this stage of your life can have a direct impact on your financial conditions later on. Whether you are a RuneScape veteran who just wants to have fun or an aspiring entrepreneur who is more interested in real-life investments like stocks and insurance, there is something out there for you. So, do not stop searching for your passion, and invest in things you actually like.

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