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    Tips For Buying The Right Car For You

    Tips For Buying The Right Car For You

    Buying a used car can save you a lot of money compared to buying a new car. Whether you need a cheap car to get around town or are looking for your dream car, there’s a lot of choices when you buy secondhand.

    However, buying a good used car can be tough. Use this guide to choose the right car.

    Year Old Cars Are Cheaper Than New Cars

    Cars depreciate in value very quickly. In fact, as soon as a new car leaves the dealership, its value drops. If you want a specific model of car, but can’t afford it, look for a year-old one for sale.

    For example, a year-old Equinox for sale will be more affordable than a brand new one, while still being nearly new. Luxury brands hold their value better than others, so choose carefully to get a bargain.

    The Best Time To Buy A Used Car

    When you’ve decided what car you want, you need to know when to get the best deal. One way to save money is to shop for a used car at the right time.

    Dealers have targets to meet, which are often tied to bonuses. These bonuses are usually based on quarterly sales, so the end of March, June, September, or December is a good time to buy. Dealers need to sell cars to hit targets, so will be more likely to negotiate and offer you a better deal.

    If you’re buying from a private seller, there’s no good or bad time. Private sellers don’t have a target to meet, other than the price they want to get. If you’re buying like this, keep an eye on average prices a few months before you buy so you can buy at the right time.

    Don’t shop at weekends, at the start of the month, or after payday, when dealerships are likely to be busier. If you buy privately, shop when other buyers are likely to be busy, like over Christmas.

    Think about the style you want too. If you want to buy a convertible, they’re going to be popular in summer, so you might have better luck negotiating in the winter.

    What Do You Need?

    Before you start browsing for cars, think about what you need from your car.

    • What are your essential requirements? Do you need space for a car seat, for example?
    • Do you need the car to do anything specific? For example, do you need a car that will fit into small parking spaces or be able to tow a trailer?
    • Do you mostly make short trips or longer freeway drives? Do you need the car to manage long drives at motorway speeds?
    • Do you want petrol or diesel? The fuel that you want to use will make a difference in the model that you might decide to buy.
    • Do you need a large trunk? Do you need room for things like a pushchair or sports equipment? Do you need a trunk that a dog can safely ride in?

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